Government LiquidationsMisadvertised Lots and Items not in lots when picked up

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I purchased @ lots from Government Liquidations online auction of government surplus and got the shaft on both lots. I was the high bidder on one lot which was supposed contain 2760 lbs of Inconel 690 and the manifest read that the items(millitary built fluid incinerators) to have been metal identication tested to be of one element. Leading anyone reading to understand that the units were made of one and only one type of element/metal. The lot was advertised to weigh approximately 2760 lbs and Inconel 690 was boldly in the advertised manifest ( a Nickel Alloy at the time of the sale was selling for about $4.50 per lb.) and had tags of verified weight/quantity on the outside of the shipping crates which said content weight veified by with a persons signature on it and dated 07-18-2008 being since the units were in the hands of Government Liquidations, LLC and being that is the advertised weight they listed the auction lot by. I along with two other bidders which were also assuming the weight to be valid of the material continued bidding against one another till I was the highest bid at the end of the sale time at the sum of $5800 plus 10% buyers fee which they also taxed and 6.75% sales tax. Total purchase price of $6810.65 and when we picked the lot up and took it home I unpackaged one of the units to find it had an outer shell/heat shield attatched to it which was made of sheetmetal and an iron ring attatched to the bottom of it(ferrus metal). The non ferrus metal that was attatched to the units which were clearly advertised in the manifest to be of one element only (that supposedly was to be the Inconel 690) weighed a total 53 lbs therefor already offsetting the purchased weight of material by a total of 318 lbs which would have at that time been worth $1431 which was not an anticipated loss but was minor from what we further seen in the deal. The Incinerator when set upon the scale with the attatchments (which were not advertised to even exist) weighed a whopping 267 lbs. The total of 6 of the units if we dis assembled the added irony type attatchments would weigh a very light 1602 lbs. I immediately contacted the auction site which said that I needed to send them a complaint form which the next day they did after I had to email them a request which I filled out to the best I could figure out to do so. I then awaited an answer which I was told would take up to 3 days. I called back after waiting several days and being left with my investment setting. I contacted Government Liquidations and the ysaid I needed to include more info which I did and emailed them back. I waited another few days and called them again with them saying they needed more details about the complaint and I added even more details only to hear that I needed to wait three more days and then yet another time passed where I called them back because I had not heard from them and they then emailed me and stated that their proceedure to resolve the com[plaint can take up to 15 days starting from my last contact with them???? The complaint also contained the second lot which I purchased from them which was supposed to be a compilation of items they had assorted pictures of a total of 26 pictured items which only turned out to be 10 of the pictures were from that actual lot. I was told that 16 of the pictures didnt belong to that lot and it was "Somethiong that just happens!" and that it occurs often actually. Something to do with the way they post the pictures to the lots when they list them for sale( maybe the lack of intellegence in the person posting them henders them from seeing to it that what they actually post to the lot before pushing enter?) Insane excuses to why they post pictures of items they dont actually intend to sell you when you pick the items up! ANNNNYWAAAAYS the girl named Heather at the main office in Pheonix AZ. office after hearing the reason for my complaint on that online auction lot has the nerve to ask well didnt you go to the Columbus, Ohio auction site to preview the lot to see if the pictured items were actually in the lot? I very carefully answered "NO I for soem reason assumed that if a company is going to advertise items for thier online auction using pictures of those items as thier catch or attracting device, then I would actually get the items pictured (pictures all taken in thier wharehouse where you actually go to pick the purchased lots up at) as part of the lot total. She stated that I should have called the auction location to verify that the items were actually going to be in the lot that was advertised?????? I all the while am thinking that there was for soem reason a hidden camera or satellite system watching my every move capturing my emotions as she was making these insane suggestions so I maintained a very well mannered composure(whch surprised even myself) and listened to her as she told me what thier standard operating proceedures were to be to possibly resolve the situation at hand(My loss of money shoyuld have been her exact words). I truly at that point thought someone was watching from behind a bush or wall and studying my actions and flipped the imaginary person off! Now I had already spent a total of soemthing like 300 plus minutes between being on hold and actually wasting spoken word uopn these people they have to avoid telling you your out of luck and countless return emails back and forth only to hear as well on the phone that I will hear sopmething back within 15 days!!! WHAT !!!
The first lot I spoke of that was supposed to contain approximately 2760 lbs of Inconel 690 that I paid some $6810.65 for alone is now worth about $6343.92 being that the market for the material has since purchased went from $4.50 per lb down to $3.96 per lb. This of course has no factors for all of the fuel spent driving to the site to pick it up or the labor spent cutting the initial unit apart or the time spent at the computer on the phone and simply waiting to hear soemthing back. Thier office states that you cannot dispose of the lot items until a ruling from them on the complaint and that you must wait 15 days. My investment is now 27 days into this and I have niot heard back fromthem as to what they might graciously do fro my situation. DONT BUY FROM THIER SITE is all I have left in me to type other than, Thank you very much for giving me a place to vent my extreme frustration with my experiences with that company. Sincerely, Dwayne Kinnison now broke in OHIO

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  • Dw
      Sep 24, 2008

    This is my claim response letter I finally received yesturday in regard to my getting ripped off by the warm folks at Governement I hope that everyone can see what they can expect from this company and what grounds the base thier claim responses on should you have problems with purchases from thier site! What ever you do, do not bid there unless you are well aware that they clearly do not warrant anything to do with anything they list pictures, documentation of or suggest in the listing of the auctioned items to any degree or accord! They believe for soem reason they can do as they please and when they please evidently as you can see from thier response to my delima. Sncerely, Dwayne Kinnison
    Wednesday, September 24, 2008 3:42 AM
    From: "Dwayne Kinnison" <[protected]>View contact details To: "GL Info" <[protected]>I just read the very long awaited response from your office in regards to my purchase of sale #3553, lot #142 and am disgusted to see that I got exactly what everyone I spoke to thought I would from a company such as yours. Your company is taking the stand that an approximate weight of 2760 lbs is OK even if the actual weight is only 1620 lbs. Your company is saying that even though you are in control of the lots being manifest listed that there is no warranty as to the item by your description to any accord in other words??? Then you have turned around and based the refund for the other lot with what basis? This was a lot which you have chose to refund the entire cost of and my claim was based on the fact that your company listed twice as many item pictures and as for documentation only failed to deliver on one item that was manifested. Your decision to refund the entire lot purchase price shows that you obviously seen that the Columbus location was in
    error so why can you not just admit they were in serious error as well when they listed the material in lot#142 to be almost twice as much as it actually was and as well that the material was not of single element or sole material makeup. I am guessing that your gesture to refund the entire amount of the very small sale items cost makes your company feel better but frankly it is absurd to the person which was ripped off here and I will not let this go unheard from. Thanks you for your response finally getting here but no thanks for the offer that you so untimely made me wait to receive. In no way was I expecting a perfect accounting of the lots content but at least a reasonable amount of the listed and advertised lots to be present when I picked them up but for some reason you think that you can take whatever time you decide is appropriate and choose your actions however best suits your financial interests. My investment of time alone in getting your
    response back that you will refund sometime over the next 10 days or so was probably worth about a negative $100 considering the cost of the calls and time it took to email back and forth. Now that the market price of the material under consideration has dropped to less than $3.50 per pound I am now totally screwed here so warmest regard to your office today Monika as this is undoubtedly the worst experience I would have ever expected to come from my signing on to do business with your company. Expect to hear more on this in the future. Sincerely, Dwayne Kinnison

    --- On Tue, 9/23/08, GL Info <[protected]> wrote:

    > From: GL Info <[protected]>
    > Subject: Regarding Claim Sale 3553 Lot 116, 142
    > To: [protected]
    > Date: Tuesday, September 23, 2008, 1:37 PM
    > Dear Customer,
    > Thank you for your patience while this claim was being
    > assessed.
    > In regards to Sale 3553 Lot 142, Government Liquidation
    > management has
    > reviewed your request and based upon all related research
    > in this
    > matter, your claim has been denied. Please note that this
    > property was
    > sold by unit and not by weight. All figures listed were
    > approximate and
    > are provided to assist with shipping estimates only.
    > Government Liquidation (GL) may provide an approximate
    > weight and cube
    > based on information that is available and also on the type
    > of
    > commodity. However, complete or perfect information may not
    > always be
    > available. It shall be the buyer's responsibility to
    > verify information
    > and the item's description, including but not limited
    > to weight.
    > In regards to Sale 3553 Lot 116, Government Liquidation has
    > approved the
    > following refund:
    > Sale: 3353
    > Lot(s): 116
    > Refund Amount: $123.30
    > If the original invoice payment was made with credit card,
    > the entire
    > amount of the charge will be credited back to the card. If
    > the original
    > invoice payment was made via money order, cashier's
    > check or wire
    > transfer, than the refund will be made via check and will
    > be processed
    > within 10 business days.
    > NOTE: the credit to your card should be verifiable within
    > approximately
    > 10 business days although it may be sooner. For refund sent
    > via check
    > (accounts paid via certified funds) please allow 15
    > business days for
    > check refunds to be sent. Checks are mailed on Monday of
    > each week.
    > Sincerely,
    > Monika A. Zalewska
    > Claims Administrator
    > Government Liquidation, LLC
    > DOD Surplus, LLC
    > 15051 N. Kierland Blvd 3rd Fl
    > Scottsdale, AZ 85254

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  • Dw
      Sep 24, 2008

    This is the respnse letter I recieved just an hour before I recieved the claim descision . I guess they might have already decided but forgot to email me or something. They obviously though it appropriate to email me saying they had received my letter before sending me an email saying that they chose to screw me over and take the cheapest way out by giving me something for the misrepresnted lot #116 of TV's and VCR's. Now wasnt that generous of them!!!

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  • Ok
      Jul 13, 2009

    OKC Auction Services LLC was founded to fill a need for many businesses that purchase items through Government Liquidation auctions. With the recent regionalization of services centers, GL is now shifting a large portion of the auctions to Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and Columbus, Ohio national warehouses.
    It is out business to coordinate with GL personnel, schedule, Pick up, pack / prepare for shipment, consolidate, weigh, warehouse for full truckloads, do inspections, and provide freight services for our customers, . We use our own assets (personnel, trucks trailers, forklifts, pallet scales, machine stretch wrappers, warehouses etc. and don’t farm it out to someone else.
    Please visit us at or call [protected] to see how we can help solve all your Government Liquidations services needs.
    Shawn Freeman
    Partner / Owner
    OKC Auction Services

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  • Mr
      May 23, 2011

    I agree...they are a ripoff. Items are not as described...missing items in almost every lot

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