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Hello everyone this is a serious issue everyone needs to be aware and take some steps to stop this. I have my own stores and I have customers using EBT cards. I see people driving mercedes, bmws, and all luxuries cars wearing costly costumes, fragnances, shoes and all that and use their food stamps. The worst is this people get $ 500 to $ 2300 per month from the government. I am an owner still i think twice to buy something for my kids and this guys even dont need to work coz they get more than 70% of peoples salary. I dont know how they are getting approved this much amount and dont know wht the government is no ttaking steps for them. Please pass this message to people so it reaches to the white house and they take some steps. The government should have some fixed limit for ebts so this people dont use as they want and be responsible for their spendings,

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  • Ra
      Oct 29, 2012

    There is no means testing which means if your reportable income falls below a certain point vs your expenses you qualify regardless of your assets. Those people may have made tons of money in the past and live off it now, but have no income to report because they are retired or just not working at this time. The white house would actually like to extend the use of EBTs. Its a good vote getter. People like free stuff and anyways food today is priced for EBT users.

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  • Go
      Dec 18, 2012

    furk . i worked at retailer store and i totally agree with you. why the f people using ebt acts like trash? i have seem some of them act like we owned they $. they are disrespectful. very mean. i just started to get mad and piss. why we have to get up early in the morning to go to work and work. while these m*fu*er lazy wake up 1pm wondering around the neighbor causing troubles and still get pay by the gov. they have hands and legs. yes i have seem people get $1000, 3000+ food stamps. they came in the store with stinking breath weed, pots..ect i had to hold my breath. i have seem doctor, nurses who making tons of $ get 400 food stamps. and retailer losing their $ because fker swipe 50cents or less on food stamp, ink.paper.elect. trans fee .(3rdparty pos) do the math. you got it for 39cents you sell it for 50c ebt trans fee is 10c already. last, the part which i hate the most is some using ebt and they act like reckless pig. gov should check before issuing people ebt. check if they are the kind fker i mention above . some people really need help should get ebt.

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  • Ra
      Dec 18, 2012

    Get with the program. First of all, food has undergone a huge price inflation which not only anticipated the greatly expanded food stamp program, but essentially priced out people who spend their own cash now that about 50% of people have em. Its a game. All you do is apply, and if nobody asks questions. they won't force ya to look for gainfull employment...and BOOM! suddenly you can afford highly overpriced things like ground beef and high end (Orowheat brand) bread. When in do as the Romanians.

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  • Jd
      Oct 09, 2013

    I work in a grocery store and we get treated horribly by this people who uses ebt cards. Whats worst is u see them buy booze cigarettes and other non food items on their ebt cash!. They drove nice cars I mean Cadillac, bmw, audi, and Mercedes Benz! Wtf is going on here. While the other people really needs it dont get it. Someone really need to do something bout this. We pretty much work to get this people free money and they dont need to work... at all!

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