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For the past month, my bank issued debit would not work. I was issued a new card. That one failed. I contacted my bank. They're going to issue me a one more debit card. The market where I usually do my shopping said they couldn't find what was causing this problem. Which leads me to an "outside" source that has caused this problem. With the U.S.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Fort Pierce, FL Government monitoring citizens' lives, it could VERY WELL be a Government agency that is deliberately causing my debit card to malfunction. The only thing now, is to do my own investigation. And to find out WHAT Federal Agency is (deliberately) causing this dilemma. Being the Federal Government DOES monitor each one of our lives. Down to the personal level.
Gary Stanullwich

  • Updated by garystan, Feb 03, 2017

    UPDATE :
    The MasterCard people. told my Bank that they have NO answers as to why my debit card won't function. The personnel in the Bookkeeping Department at my Bank are stating they have no answers to this. And the same for Publix / Vero Beach, Florida. They also claim they don't know why my debit card isn't working. FOR THE READERS : THIS IS VERY SUSPICIOUS RESPONSES FROM SUPPOSEDLY CREDITABLE SOURCES. As I stated in my initial report, this could very well be activity started at the U.S. Governmental level. Gary Stanullwich [protected]

Feb 03, 2017

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