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1 OR, United States

The searches for do not work. In trying out the site, I could not find myself under people search, also could not find my friends. I could not find my marriage records, could not find birth records for anyone with my last name in my state, could not find the criminal records for family members that I know have been incarcerated (only found 1 out of 4 searches). Could not find the death records for a friend of mine that committed suicide. Could not find my own DMV records. The bankruptcy search just comes back with an error message. The newspaper search for either of the papers in Eugene Oregon does not work, more error messages. Half the counties in Oregon are not listed in vital statistics, including the county that I live in, and one of the other searches (forget which one) has city names mistakenly listed under the category marked "county".

I found all of this out after paying for my unlimited membership through clickbank. Requests for help came back with nothing more than an automated form letter. As for refunds, if you have fallen for this scam, go directly to clickbank and request a refund. I was able to get my money back by going through them, not by going directly to the scamsite

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