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Got SKY Unlimited / Non-responsive and rude service

1 73233 State Route 70Portola, CA, United States Review updated:
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I had Gotsky Wildblue Internet service installed in October 2007. First they shipped the equipment which never arrived. They said the installer must have used it for someone else so they shipped another set to my home. I then had to call the installer. The first two modems didn't work so he had to come back another day. Then my service went out Dec. 26. The installer/service tech had quit so there was no one to make a service call. They kept promising me they would find me a service tech rep. After two months no service rep had been found. I live just outside Huntsville, AL. They kept sending me bills and then telling me to send an email to billing for credit until I could get my service re-established. After almost 3 months with no service I filed a complaint with the BBB. Now they want me to ship back the equipment to get my money back. And pay the shipping!!! Stay away from these ###s! They are a rip-off!!! I plan on contacting my local TV station and have them do a story unless they offer to pay the shipping as well.

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  • Ca
      3rd of Apr, 2008
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    This company has always been helpful. Maybe add a little sugar to your next conversation. You know what they say.

  • Je
      2nd of Oct, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I hated every minte of my service with them. The customer support was always very rude and they only cover there set up for 90 days after which I had to pick up a $100 plus tab whenever it didn't work! If the wind pushes the system out of alignment because it is a flimsy piece of Made in China... still $100 or if it has some part failure you still pay a minimum of $100. It was so frustrating that the system was contantly acting up and needed frequent reboots. I have rarely been so mad at a company. Go directly thru WILD BLUE or better yet Hughes IF and only IF you must do Sat internet over DSL or Cable.

  • Co
      10th of Sep, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Since day one we had no connectivity, thanks to the advice of their technical department we took out the Norton antivirus, because they claimed that that might be the reason why we didn’t have connectivity; and we got the “Trojan” virus among others and we had to take the computer for service. After $150.00 we got the computer back and once again we contacted their technical department for connectivity issues and again you couldn’t resolve the situation. The technical department told us to get the computer checked, because it was a “computer problem not Got Sky’s”. We called Firedog and after they charged us $320.00 for updating the computer and getting a better antivirus we tried to connect and it didn’t work. We called again and again and again and still didn’t work. Then their technical department told us that they were going to send somebody home but they were going to charge us $99.00 on top of everything else, because we want it to have the issue resolved we agreed on it and again the technician was in our house for more than three hours and he left the house without resolving the situation saying that it was definitively a problem with the service and NOW it might be the “Vista” platform not supporting the connection, so another excuse and no results. We deleted the “Vista” platform and re-installed XP and guess what NO CONNECTIVITY!!! GOT SKY SUCKS BIG TIME!!!

  • Ma
      3rd of Dec, 2009
    +1 Votes

    Got Sky has a "fair service" policy that they use to essentially cut off your service. They do this if you are so bold as to try to download a movie or large program. They then continue to charge you about $70.oo per month with essentially no service!!!

    I would strongly recommend that no one use this company. They are arrogant and stupid. When I cancelled the service they then charged me for an additional one month of service. This company is part of the Rural service set up by congress to provide electrical service to rural people in outlying areas. They are failing miserable and should be sued for fraud. They should be removed by the government from this program and sold off to a privide company. Who needs this rip-off company taking your money for no service??? I have filed a complaint with the California State Attorney general with not much lucck, and will file a complaint with the FCC and our Senators and Congressman. What a piece of sh## company. I hope that some good attorney files a large class action suit against them

    Marcus McBeen

  • Ch
      8th of Feb, 2010
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    I had a very positive experience with WildBlue / GotSky for almost two years until the first failure. I was told I'd have to wait eight days for a technician and pay $100 up front, which I had not expected (I had a lease plan and, as I understood it, they were 100% responsible for the satellite dish and modem.) Finding both of these unacceptable, I canceled my subscription. Tech support were fairly clueless, customer support kept handing me off to someone else, and in general I found their attitude rather lackadaisical and poor. I am happy to no longer be doing business with them. I do not recommend them at all.

    Ironically, I am a electrical engineer and a licensed radio amateur, which my not sound like much to most folks, but entitles me to do some pretty high-power radio / microwave design and experimentation. I would have preferred to troubleshoot the problem myself, but they refused to help and in fact said I would be in violation if I attempted to do so. Then, once I canceled my service, they told me to dismantle their equipment! That's a rather ridiculous double standard.

  • Sa
      12th of Apr, 2010
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    I agree with most of the complaints mentioned up above. Please be aware of what ever you sign a contract. I too lived in an area where I had to rely on this type of service. Since I leased the the "equipment" you need to send it back at your cost..
    Stay away from this company..I sent the "equipment back" and they haven't given me the credit back yet...

  • Ta
      17th of May, 2010
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    I would only recommend Got Sky Wild Blue Internet if you want to pay $50 a month for dial up speeds and get knocked off-line every time it rains or snows. Forget about trying to download or upload with WB, especially a movie or video, Got Sky will slow your computer down and still charge you the $50 a month. And what ever you do DO NOT let them talk you into auto-pay. If you try to cancel service they will keep taking money out of your account, so I suggest anybody that does have WB Got Sky set up on auto-pay contact your financial institute prior to cancelling your WB Got Sky and have a STOP PAYMENT put on your account before WB Got Sky takes any more money from you. The so-called Terms Of Agreement are breached by Got Sky Wild Blue the minute your account becomes activated. They do not give the service they claim you are getting. STAY AWAY FROM WILD BLUE GOT SKY. Personnally, I am filing a small claims court case against WB Got Sky in attempt to get a partial refund on the barely dial up speeds I received from them if they continue giving me crap about my recent cancellation. Now I'm waiting (could take another 30 days) for them to send me the pre-addressed packaging labels I need to send their equipment back. Let them attempt to collect another penny.

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