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We ordered a logo design from the above company. We emailed the description to the service provider. Upon receipt of the finished product our company name was mentioned twice. The wervice provider assumed we wanted to use cmpany name twice without confirmation from us.

We feel the design doesnt represent the galleries posted on their web sie. Got logo did revised the logo without charge, however we feel the logo was poorly designed and a mere duplication of our header via

We tried to resolved the issue with Paypal before the final copy was emailed to us (mentioning company name twice) and this was the email we received from the company:

In a message dated 07/07/2009 07:50:01 Eastern Daylight Time,
> writes:
> You are simply a horrible ### of a human being---we tried our best and
> even did what you wanted and asked for on the revision. You then tried to
> STEAL the money from us? You lost your ###ing case and now I am sending
> your account to our collections to recover the 150.00 administrative fee
> you
> owe us according to our terms of service when you dispute a transaction
> fraudulently.

We attempted a second time to get a partial refund because we cannot use the attached and this was their response:

" didn't ask if we wanted to use company name twice, thus we shouldn't
be held responsible for assumptions"

??? We removed the subtext and resent to you with your name listed once on
the main part of the logo as you requested. You admitted you received that
but that you still were not pleased with the logo and therefore you tried to
force a refund contrary to the terms of service you agreed to and that you
are aware of, being a repeat customer. You seem to be caught up in multiple
lies restated a complaint here, that we fixed at no charge, as
the basis for your right to receive a refund. I am finding you very very
dishonest person and that’s obvious by the fact that you would handle us in
such a horrible way over one logo you didn't like after we had done other
work for you you were very pleased with. We continue to be disgusted - is
this the skeezy way they do business in New York?

You lost your case with PayPal and yet even worse you also lost a GREAT
source of low-cost custom design work. We responded to PayPal and WON so we
will have no further communication with you at this point until you pay the
$150 admin fee that is due us at this point and which we will pursue.


Please see link to galleries posted on their site and review attached logo designed for us

At this point we have lost $69.00 and could have designed what they produced ourself. We feel completely disrespected by their responses and hope something can be done.


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  • Jg
      8th of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I can't see any logo for your company in their galleries.

    Beyond that you got a logo designed for you, and they also fixed it to remove what you consider to be an error. When you placed the order, did you read the terms? Because the terms act as a contract. Their terms and conditions of sale indicate the following:

    [quote] 2. We do not offer a money-back guarantee. Once a design is created, our time spent on the project is unrecoverable. Rest assured we are very fussy during the design process and over 85% of our logos are accepted without need of further revisions or re-works. [/quote]

    THEY DO NOT offer a money-back guarantee. They also indicate that there is a fee for chargeback:

    [quote] Customer acknowledges and specifically agrees that chargebacks - which might occur if Customer disputes charges directly with Customer's credit card bank - are unlawful if service has been rendered. If customer has a fee dispute with he has to settle such dispute with directly without initiating any chargeback proceedures. Any chargeback will evoke an automatic US$150 (one-hundred-fifty dollars) service fee, without exception, for which customer will be held responsible in future collection procedures. [/quote]

    What don't you understand about the contract? It seems pretty clear.

    Without seeing the logo design, it's difficult to say whether it was worth $69 or not, but I'll tell you that $69 is a decent price for a one-off logo design but what I've seen in their galleries indicates that the quality is reasonable for the price . $69 is certainly less than I'd charge for one.

    Secondly, the email replies sent you are definitely far less than professional. Regardless of what you wrote to them, their responses should have been handled in a more business appropriate manner.

    That being said, you neglected to post copies of your emails to them, word-for-word with headers to prove that was what you sent to them.

  • Ft
      11th of Oct, 2010
    0 Votes

    I also ordered a logo from
    After they missed the due date and after sending 3 (unanswered mails) I finally threatened to file a claim and threatened to take legal action. The logo was in my inbox minutes later... to my surprise it was the most amateurish thing I've ever seen. I could have made that logo in Photoshop in 15 minutes with better results.
    Honestly, the logo almost made me puke... I'll just consider those $25 lost and go with someone who is serious about his job

  • Ma
      3rd of Jul, 2012
    0 Votes

    I also used their service and they did not sent any logo in time, and started unanswering my email. The problem is their lack of clarity, if you can't make the design, just say you can't instead of not answering anything.
    They are really unprofessionnal.
    A few years ago they were good and respectfull, 2 nices logos for 1 awfull (really awfull).
    But now asking them for a logo is like a work of lucky or not lucky.

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