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I purchase a few sweaters from the Sears website. When some of the items did not fit I went to Sears to return them only to find out I had really purchased them through a 3rd party by the named Gotapparel that sells through their website.

When I called Gotapparel for instructions on how to return the items they said I would be responsible for the shipping. I explained to them that I thought I was ordering from Sears and would be able to return the items there at no cost. There was no mention of paying for returns.

I call Gotapparel serveral times and always spoke to the same person by the name of Chris (seems he is the only person there)...I continued to explain to him the lack of instructions for returns. So after several attempts with Chris at Gotapparel he suggested I reach out to Sears for a shipping label.

I spoke to Sear several times as well and they mentioned they would reach out to Gotapparel for the shipping label. I have many case numbers from Sear. After several attempts by Sears as well and no response, Sears was kind enough to supply me with a shipping this time it was past the 30 days return.

When I contacted Chris again for a return number to return the items he said it was not possible to return them at this point. We reached the 30 days for returns due to their negligence of no replying to Sears and due to the lack of guidance on Gotapparel's behave. I mentioned to Chris that I would contact my attorney and he's reply was "I don't care of you call the President of the US"! I was shocked!

I have check the reviews for Gotapparel and they are not very good, many people complaining about having to pay return shipping even when the items are defected and many people complaining of never receiving items and yet being billed. Check out the reviews for yourselves.

All I want is a refund for the 3 items that did not fit. Customer order # [protected]=SS

My best advise is stay away! These people do not deserve to be in business.

Jun 01, 2018

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