I booked into have some cosmetic surgery Nov/Dec 2014, price was agreed and deposit was requested. I was dealing with patient care manager Jonny Zaragosa through Emails, I paid $1944 as a deposit. Jonny emailed to ask how much I was paying and by what means so he could notify the marketing department, I paid through bank transfer as that was the easiest way to do it. He then emailed back saying I had overpaid by $300, part of a promotional discount and wanted my to send banking details so they could refund the $300. I did this 5/01/15. I was then requested to have a blood count done by my local clinic 5 days before I flew out ( I live in UK), I said not possible to do in 5 days Asked whether blood count can be done at clinic. I did not receive a reply for three days, by then had sent about five emails and cancelled my flight. By then they had decided to tell me the tests are done on site as stated in previous email ( no such email exists) I then emailed a request for a refund of my deposit, which I am entitled to as stated in their terms and conditions. I am now being ignored by them. My last contact via email was 15/01/15, nearly a month ago.

Feb 08, 2015

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