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GooglePro, Googletreasurechest, / Misinterpretation

1 Draper, UT, United States
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To everyone,

This is how easily people are getting scammed. The name of the product contains the word "Google" or "Ebay"or the name of other popular enterprise to be able to function as a derivative of that fame. They have multiple "lead capturing" websites that are built under the premise of making money from home. This is step one, acquiring the contact information of the individual by "suggestively" inducing them to order a CD for a small shipping& handling fee. Some companies offer their product for free to simply capture the lead. Hidden to the public you will find the disclosure that states you are entering a "membership" program where you will be billed “X” amount after 7 days. Now the trick is that before the 7 days have elapsed, they will call you and try to sell you a "coaching OR mentorship" program that will basically make you a .dot com millionaire. The whole scheme is based on a so-called qualification process where they simply find out if you have money or not. If you do end up buying into their elaborate pitch, you will promptly know you have been fooled. The so-called training is a compilation of crap you can get on the internet for free. The phony testimonials are evidently used to attract poor souls feeding on the dream of becoming wealthy using the computer. These people have been scammed anywhere from 3k to 15k. The product is the same but the marketing is "different".

The easiest part is that you can simply change the website/product name and that gives you a new start. This company started with "googlepro" by Michelle Valdez ( and then moved on to,, and who knows what else.
Their offices around the US are mostly PO boxes. I have found out that the greater part of these scams is coming out of the state of Utah (Ultimately, it could be anywhere). There are probably hundreds of little cells calling out of their basement.

Now to put this into perspective, from the people who were cheated from $72 plus the people who are in the so-called coaching, these guys are definitely making scads of money from hard working Americans.

LESSON FOR EVERYONE: Don’t just give out your information to whatever website you see on the internet if you are not sure about their reputation. Period. BBB can sometimes be inaccurate since they can simply go by another DBA. Researching the internet is probably your best bet.

People need to take this entire scam down by reporting it to the respective Attorney General. Texas is already doing it so…let’s get our money back! I hope everyone reads this so we can help each other in these bad times. We got to stick together for once for a change.

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