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The company claims that you can "receive a kit" to start making money online by posting ads. They charged my credit card the $1 and then 84.84 a few days later WITHOUT sending me any additional information or the "kit" I was supposed to receive in the mail. I called my credit card company which gave me the number to the company. I called and they told me to read the terms and conditions, which I did. She admitted that they were wrong and were supposed to say one thing (they put the wrong terms up). She refused to refund my money and DID NOT want to cancel my subscription. Then mysteriously the line cut off. The next lady I spoke with Rosario refused to refund my money and did not admit that they put the wrong terms up. They apparently do ads for google online, teeth whitening, and other companies. I will file as many complaints with as many places as I can. TOTAL SCAM!!!

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  • Kb
      Oct 09, 2009

    I too was scammed by this Googleprofits House Company alias XMBRANDS. ( I see who is making the profit.) I had called my credit card compnay to question charges on my credit card. First there was the $1.00 charge then the 1 cent charge for some ICBA fee .(For your Google start up kit). Then I was charged $84.00 then and additional ICMA fee for 84 cents. I never did receive any website link or a "start up" kit.
    Once I saw my statment and contacted my credit card company. They were able to supply me with the number to contact the merchant. I was on hold for two hours and 15 minutes before someone answered the phone. Then the person was rude. She said that I had called past the 5 day cancellation period. She said she would contact her supervisor and I would probably be able to get $20.00 back. I had told her since they charged an additional $84.84 without giving me access to the website or "starter kit" that I had cancelled my credit card.She then said there was nothing she could do about crediting $20.00 back on my card. I told her that their company was running a fraudlent business. She said everything they do is legal. No one will be able to refund your money not even an attorney or any third party. I am now trying to resolve this again with my credit card company since I never received goods or services. Today I again contacted the company and they said that oh, we know you disputed this with your credit card company and they agree that you are in the wrong. Now I am disputing it again since the credit card company is siding with this company. I said I never received the website access or the "starter kit". I told this to the first girl I spoke to then the gentleman today.

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