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Google Treasure Chest / scam, fraud

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Google Treasure Chest
I have fallen for the scam from Google Treasure Chest. I ordered a cd for $1.97 and had no idea that I just enrolled in a monthly scam of charges to my credit card. I have disputed my charges with my credit card twice now. They keep puting the charge back on my bill because they say I did not supply them with the cancelation number of the product. The problem is I can not contact Google Treasure Chest in any way possible, to cancel or even return the stupid cd they sent me. I have no email address, every phone number I call is disconnected. I can not talk to anyone to get anything cancled. I need help with this. Can anyone provide me with contact information so I can resolve this...so far they are charging my capitalone card $72.21. I also would like to know who I need to contact to file a complaint with these scammers, they should be sitting in jail for what they are doing.


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N  6th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Google Treasure Chest - unauthorized transactions
British Columbia

There was an unauthorized transaction made to my MC in the sum of $72.21 from Google Treasure chest. I did not under no circumstances authorize this to be taken from my account. I do however want this money to replaced back into my account asap. Further more due to this unauthorization, any business I have had with you I am cancelling. I do however also would like a reply back explaining why and who gave you authorization. Laura Rempel
N  6th of Apr, 2009 by 
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was charged $72.21 i did not authorized
N  6th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Here are the terms and conditions you signed up for. If you didn't cancel within 4 days of ordering, you will be charged the first month fee.

Read the fine print when you order something like this...

Upon submitting a request for Membership, a Member ID and Password are assigned to you and can be used to gain access to googletreasurechest.com. The initial shipping and handling charge of one dollars and ninety seven cents, includes the google treasure chest kit as well as seven days worth of access to the online directories and training. After seven days, if you choose not to cancel, you will be billed your first monthly membership fee of seventy two dollars and twenty one cents for the membership fee for the googletreasurechest.com membership. Membership fees will be charged to the credit card used by you to complete the transaction. You have also unlocked a fourteen-day trial and twenty one-day trial to the Fraud SafeLockID and GrantSpring for just $19.95 and $14.95 a month thereafter (shows as "SafeLockID" and "GrantSpring") should you choose not to cancel. Prior charges for all programs are non-refundable but bonus subscriptions can be cancelled and future charges stopped at any time by calling toll-free 866.951.1406 Monday - Friday 9am - 5pm. All offers come with a monthly newsletter.

If you choose to sign up for this product and pay the recurring monthly charges using a debit card you hereby provide pre-authorization and consent that googletreasurechest.com may charge seventy two dollars and twenty one cents on a monthly basis. You may stop payment on any pre-authorized charge by notifying googletreasurechest.com at least three business days prior to the scheduled charge date. You agree your pre-authorization and written consent to charge your debit card is given in electronic form by submitting the request for the membership, and that an electronic signature is sufficient to authenticate your authorization to charge the debit card. You further agree that these terms and conditions shall be your copy of your pre-authorization for the debit card.

Upon completion of the order form, should your credit card be declined, we may, at our option continue to try to authorize your purchase on future dates. Your acceptance of these terms indicates your additional acceptance that should your purchase of either the shipping for your free kit, or your monthly membership fee eventually approve, you will accept and approve those charges to your method of payment.

30 Day Unconditional Satisfaction Guarantee and Cancellation Requirements
N  6th of Apr, 2009 by 
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that make money fast with google IS ### DO NOT fall for this like i did 4/2/09 and cancelled 4/6/09 you will not get a refund for 1.97 but you will cancel any more charges. i have a link to the policy and term and conditions here> https://www.securecartcenter.com/NzU5M3wxODIyfDI2NzQ4M3x2Mg==/rxfum4b9/g

then go down to bottom of page and you will see terms and conditions underlined.
there number is 1-866-951-1406
HURRY AND CANCEL NOW BEFORE THEY CHARGE YOU !!! my name is Antonio and i dislike ###!!!
A  6th of Apr, 2009 by 
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SCAM...FRAUD...beware of the slick advertising and $1.97 "FREE trial ", NOTE - LINKS ARE BROKEN!! Cannot successfully navigate through the "Google Treasure Box" system...even the "Terms & Conditions" LINK will not work, nor the "Contact Us" LINK. Apparently they have several phone numbers, I wrote this one... 1-866-951-1406, listed as Customer Service, I noticed other phone numbers listed in this post. I immediately notified my bank & they closed the account, issued me a new card, reversed the charge and filed a dispute with these bogus bozo's.
N  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I here people say that they were fraudently charged. Did anyone read the terms and conditions of getting the free trail, it is on the google treasure chest web site.
N  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I guess you need to call this number 866-951-1406
and cancel your order.

I just made an order today, and lookong for reviews about this, i found that it is to good to be true, so i called them and have them cancelled.

also, i called the fraud dept. on my credit card, tell them that its a fraud and dispute it.

that you wont have any problem i think.
for sure, request a new card, change your email registered to the bank or credit card.
A  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Dear All,
I have read your comments and I am still lost. I have been online since 1994. I don't get taken.
One of my daughters thought she was doing me a favour. She emailed our card number and
we were soon debited $1.97 or 1.43 GBP. for shipping. On contacting the site to get my sign on
details they said no record of your email. My account has been debited.
I have sent many emails to support@googlemoneytree.com and support@googletreasurechest.com.

Guess what, they all get sent back failure by postmaster general etc. I have cancelled all further action with the scammers in the email but if the site returns all the emails how long will for post take get thru' etc. I really don't want any more debits a la $72 or more etc.

Doug Macdonald
London UK.
N  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Of course it's a scam! Any proven system of making money is going to be common knowledge. Working, for example. There is no "secret" system of making money out on the internet. I agree that what the Google Treasure Chest company does is reprehensable, but ask yourself, did it seem too good to be true? If you answered yes and signed up anyways, you brought it on yourselves. I hope you all get your money back from this instance, but if not, please learn from this mistake and help break this cycle of scams.
By the way, the fine print on their home page does say, not affiliated with Google. It's not fraud.
N  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I'm living in UK.
I also did this stupid thing today, I’ve paid with my visa debit card.
Does the anyone know can they still collect the payments if I will cancel the debit card?
Do they need the card number for the next time?
Any ideas?
N  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I suggest you notify your bank and ask them to CANCEL the VISA debit card immediately and send you a replacement card with a new number. The sooner you call your bank, the better, they will be more responsive to your concerns. Depending on your bank, they may or may not reverse the charges, either way ask them to dispute the charges as "misleading" with this "Google scammer". Be upfront and honest with the bank, explain to them you thought it was a legitimate opportunity and you discovered what it was really all about.
AFTER all of that, call the scammer cust svc number (be warned, it is a "3rd party customer service company"), simply provide your name, phone number, state and ask them to cancel the account...tell them that you are simply not interested. Unfortunately these cust svc reps are caught in the middle and are simply doing a "very well trained and orchestrated job" to make a dollar. You WILL NOT be able to talk with the scammer, NO CALLS go to them, they do not have a phone and you will not be able to email the scammer either, it will return "UNDELIVERABLE - NO SUCH SERVER ADDRESS"...best of wishes
N  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I authorized a charge of $1.97 for shipping & handling for a start up package to work from home posting ads on Google. All I received was a disk and on the same day my bank card was charged $72.21 that I did not authorize. I called the customer service number for refunds listed on my bank account and was told there was a 7 day trial period & it expired today so I wasn't entitled to a refund. Customer Support would not disclose the name of their company only stating the they were support customer service for a third party.
I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau in Utah, you can do this online.
I cancelled my bank card & will be filing a fraudulent claim when the charge posts to my account. I ENCOURAGE YOU ALL TO FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU IN UTAH TO TRY & STOP THIS COMPANY BEFORE THEY SCAM MORE PEOPLE.
N  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I paid the 1.97 and got nothing, Danperagine@gmail.com
N  7th of Apr, 2009 by 
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You idiots should not be giving your credit card
info to scammers. Did ya really think you
could make a bunch of money by sending a
buck or two to this obvious scam outfit?
Shame on all of you!
A  8th of Apr, 2009 by 
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There is some more info on this scam (Google Treasure Chest scam aka Google Money Tree scam)



A  8th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Advice from one of the links above:

Cancel your account with this outfit immediately by calling (1-877-208-6504 or 1-866-951-1406) and then contact your credit card or bank (debit card) and cancel the card number A.S.A.P. Even though you cancel your account, these scammers may still charge your card again. Do not trust them whatsoever. Make sure you tell your bank or credit company that this is a fraudulent charge and you want your money reversed back to your account! This is a SCAM!
N  8th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I was charged 72.21 just like the others who complained. I am not sure why...I was charged 1 and some change for a cd that I never received, this is definitely a scam.
N  8th of Apr, 2009 by 
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Hi, the same thing happened to me, they charged my bank account $72.21 without my authorization. I did get thru to the number and the man was very rude, i called back and the girl helping me was very nice. You need to send the cd back to this address 405 East 12450 South,
Suite I, Draper Utah 84020 Make sure to put Suite I and not Suite G as they said that was a misprint and they are changing it, as I noticed it also and called to reconfirm the correct address. Also put the Return Goods Authorization number that the person should give you when you call 1-866-951-1406. In the letter tell them you do not want their subscription and if it is within the 30 days you are fine, if it is passed call them and tell them to cancel this. When you send the cd back to them, make sure to get a delivery confirmation receipt from the Post Office that you can look up online and see when it arrived there, wait 2 - 3 days to see that the money went back into your account, if not phone them again. I would also contact the BBB in Utah and make a complaint, I have. I phoned this Google Treasure Chest company today and will be mailing their cd back tomorrow for my refund, I can only wait and see that they follow through. Thanks for reading this, Louise
A  8th of Apr, 2009 by 
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These people behind Google treasure scams should be ashamed of themselves..lots of jobless people are being desperate for income.and they are robbing them shamelessly.
A  9th of Apr, 2009 by 
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I fell for one of these scams a while back, then learned as the earlier poster stated, to read the terms and conditions. But the real question is, do these programs work? I have not read any feedback, positive or negative, that tells the story.

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