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Google Success Kit/Fraud Protection / I want my money back now!

Fort White, FL, United States Review updated:
My husband ordered the Google Success Kit for $1.00. Which I did call and cancel after the $11.95 came out of my account and got that credited back to me. Now I look at my statement and $4.95 for the same company with the Fraud Protection Plan has charged me $4.95. I call the number, get at recording to go the the web site for a live chat. Guess what the web site is not there. Then I find out that it was part of the Google Kit. Go back and call that number again, thought I would get to talk to a human being seeing as how I got one the other day. But, no another recording to go online to a web site that is not there. I want my money back NOW. My husband lost his job the week before Thanksgiving and I do not have time for this foolishness! I have THREE children to feed and clothe!


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  12th of Oct, 2009
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Be careful people if you receive a letter by professional credit and financial services by Mr. Lucius Couloute. it's a fraud. this men got the opportunity people are losing their houses, like me. he ask me for $ 4.000.00 to stopping foreclosure and i was so desperate that i could lose my house, his secretary Katy came to my house, talked to me and said you wont lose your home. now 1 year after I'm trying to have my money back, my lower Christopher Campos the best of the best in this case is going to put this man in jail. the Bank never received the $ 4.000.00 that they said would receive. we can't trust in those companies. never give your money to this people. I learned. and I believe in God, this men is a miserable man. so now his in God's hand. good luck Lucius Couloute.
  18th of Feb, 2010
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I was robbed by this company as well and they got me for 6, 000.00 and i was able to get the vehicle Id on the secretary s car she was driving but that didn t help me at all. he can choke and that money he stole from me and a million other people struggling to keep there homes my suggestion to people losing there homes is to just deal with your greedy for money lenders and see if you can work out a plan that will work for you. The government said that the banks are suppose to help you so just deal with them. YOUR GOING TO HELL LUCIUS COULOUTE...
  18th of Feb, 2010
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Already posted
  3rd of Mar, 2010
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We were referred to Lucius Couloute by a personal friend. She had told us that her friend had used Professional Credit and Financial Services and that he had saved her house 1 day before the sale of her home. We were sooo excited to know that we could obtain help locally, especially since we had been ripped off by a mortgage negotiation company out of California (they took us for 3495.00)
At first Lucius was helpful and his assistant Kathy was great too.
We referred our friends to them due to their situation being similar to ours and low and behold good ol' Lucius turned out to be a fraud also.
His address is a po box in Hartford, his cell phone is shut off, his business phone is shut off...we can not get ahold of him and we have been left without our paid assistance.
Our advice to anybody, is to take care of your own loan modification.
Lucius, we referred people to you, many people to you..you know who this is writing this...you are ###.
You will be sued.
We will save our house irregardless of you.
you are a Kir!! Look it up in the persian dictionary...
  22nd of Aug, 2010
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i to was told the same thing from him and cathy came to my house he cost me over 6 thousand dollars and i had to tell my little girl that daddy lost her house because of this man and his employee i want to sue him now i dont have the money to do it since i have to rent an apartment now i even went as far as trying to file for bankruptcy through him now i am left with nothing but a sad child and the feeling of being an idiot for believing in him
  7th of Sep, 2010
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Lucius Couloute and his assistant Kathy also took me for $650.00 for a retainer fee to start the processes and then ask me for another $3750.00 to send to the mortage company. And my home did go into foreclosure had to go and pay another $276.00 to stop the aution. (file chapter 13) it gets better I refer a friend of mines and she gave him $1, 650.00 and he took it and he knew his company was going out of business. So i agree with everyone he is a theft and a liar. My mortage company did not receive any money from him the last letter I received was dated May 11, 2010 stating that my case will be finalize as of June 30, 2010. Guess what I am still working with the mortage company and they still have not heard of him! I am a single mom trying to save my home. My advice is if you need help go to someone who cares or your HR Dept if you are working, they can be helpful.
  7th of Sep, 2010
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Why are people responding to a complaint about a Google Success kit with complaints about Lucius Couloute?
  28th of Oct, 2010
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I myself have just recently lost my house because of Lucius Couloute and his wonderful company. He made many promises and guarentees and required a lot of money from me to do all he said he would do. I lost almost 7000.00 and have not seen a penny since, neither had my mortgage company. They were unaware that I was even working with a company to help save my house. I have tried to file a suit against him and have sent him letters regarding getting my money back but am unable to. Someone is receiveing my letters and are signing for him. I am planning on getting my money back and am going to do whatever it takes. I will visit connecticut soon if I have to. If anyone has any information of this man and/or how to get in contact or find him please let me know. Email me at eemeroney@hotmail.com

  6th of Jan, 2011
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I had the same thing happen to me. We were referred to him by a personal friend who he had actually saved their house so we thought he could be trusted. Same story, sent us a letter in May 2010 saying he would return the money to us by the end of the month and that he was still working on our case but to go ahead and sign any papers we received from the mortgage company?! What?! Doesn't sound like he was going to be working on our case to me. Anyway, I've filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, sent numerous certified letters to his last mailing address (which are signed for by the same person, but not him) and also filed a claim with the Attorney General's office. What else can be done? Does anyone know what we can do to get our money back? Maybe one of these online lawyers will have a suggestion. I'm willing to do whatever it takes. He can't keep getting away with this. Please email me at tamarab71@gmail.com
  6th of Jan, 2011
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some more info on him http://dockets.justia.com/docket/new-jersey/njdce/2:2009cv04898/233033/

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