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this company it's commiting fraud taking money from your banck account.the add charges 1.97 to get the google start-up kit, two days later i'm charged with 72.21 with no company to complaint to, the bank has a number that does not exist and the have a aproval to paid this charge, the original charge its 1.97 not 72.21.i will like to find a phone number and a address of this scam people and get my money back.


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      Jun 23, 2009

    I just recently had the same problem with a company from Las Vegas where I was charge 1.75 than without my knowledge charged 68.00 on debit card. No product was ever received or deliver. This company sound very similar. I would not be surprise if they were related.

    Here is what I found out about this company so far. Their number is
    [protected] and are:

    Hot Marketing
    5348 Vegas Road, Suite 866
    Las Vegas, NV 89018

    Since they refused to return the invalid charge and since I have the time and am very familar with filing one, I am filing a small claims compliant. The more people that do that the better.

    I would be glad to assist in informing about filing a small claims. Send an email to [protected] for support.

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      Jul 13, 2009

    Well, we got caught, too. I called the company this AM and was told that they would only refund half the money by someone named Ryan. We were charged 1.97 -
    .06- and then the crowning blow...79.90., and I was told to read the terms and conditions:
    We have not received anything from this company, other than a phone call this AM from a man named Ryan(are they all named Ryan at this scam place). The phone number I called was: [protected]. My bank said we had to wait for the charge of 79.90 to go thru as it is still on pending at my bank before I can dispute it. I agree we all should fill some kind of charges against this company!!! I really hate getting ripped off!!

    My email address is: [protected] if anyone wants to contact me.
    Thanks for letting me sound off.

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      Oct 30, 2009
    Google Start-Up Kit - Ripped off
    Google Start-Up Kit
    United States

    I ignorantly signed up for a Google Start-Up Kit. After I paid the shipping charge of $1.97, I got absolutely NOTHING for my fee. Besides, I wasn't allowed to read the terms and conditions until AFTER I signed up. I've notified my bank of this scam and demanded a full refund of the shipping charge be made into my bank account. They are NOT authorized to deduct anything from my account and should be legally required to refund all monies they took illegally.

    If I can stop this scam by notifing everyone I can, maybe we can possibly stop this terrible rip-off from happening to others. None of us can afford to be ripped off.

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      Nov 10, 2009
    Google Start-Up Kit - Unauthorized billing
    Google Start-Up Kit
    United States

    I foolishly believed an ad that said get your google kit for the cost of shipping ONLY and did not read the fine print stating there was an additional charge of $72.21 that WOULD BE CHARGED TO MY CREDIT CARD EACH MONTH. When the first charge was posted to my account I immediately called the number on my bank statement for a refund. That was 4/14/09 it is now 5/20/09 and STILL NO REFUND. I have called at least 3 times a week and get nothing but excuse after excuse. I was informed I can't speak to anyone in authority and I just have to wait. This is the worst company I have ever dealt with. As far as I'm concerned they are nothing but rip-off scam artists. IF YOU ARE SMART YOU WILL NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM GOOGLE TREASURE CHEST!!! Beware of anything that sounds too good because it is all a scam!

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