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I subscribed to an advertisement that I thought was sponsered by Google.Com. It turns out they are just using the Google name, which is illegal. I paid $1.97 for information with my bank card and when the information arrived, I decided the thing was a scheme and to complicated to work. I did not respond to any more emails or telephone calls. The next thing I know, they had charged my bank account on 8/10/09 for $47.50 and on 8/26/09 for $99.00 Which I did not authorized either transaction. The $99.00 transaction over-drew my account and has cost me another $25.00. When I called to cancel and try to get my money back, the woman said they never refunded any money. I traced them down to the above address in Florida even though the woman said she was in Scottsdale, Arizona. I want my money back and the overdraft charge. Total=$171.50. I did not authorize any charges except the $1.97 against my account.

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  • Be
      Sep 03, 2009

    I subscriped to the same thing. Paid $1.97 for shipping. Noticed on the website it said 14 day free trial offer but could not find anywhere that said anything about additional charges. I tried to print the website page but no matter what I tried I could not get any thing to print. Then on 8/15/09 they took $47.50 out of my checking account. I called and they said I had agreed to this when I paid the $1.97 that it was in small print on that website. I find it hard to believe that I could have missed it but I had no proof. I then asked when & how much they were going to take from my account & was assured it would $47.50 on 9/15/09 but that I could call and cancel at any time with no penalties. On 9/1/09 they took $99.00 from my account. I called got a message stating they had a heavy call volume & to leave a message. I called several times or the next 2 days & each time the same thing..."The person you are trying to reach is unavailable please leave a message. The mailbox is full." I went to my bank & they were able to get through to someone at the number but were told that I had not cancelled so there was nothing to be done. I called Google myself & suddenly they tell me my account had been cancelled, that I had called that same morning to cancel (only my bank had spoken to them & not cancelled for me). I was assured that I would not be charged anything else but that the $99.00 was non-refundable per the Terms & Conditions I had agreed to. I asked to speak to a manager & was told they were all in meetings "because that's what they do" & said I could call back later but she didn't think the manager would refund the $99.00 either. She emailed the "Terms" to me, very, very long aggreement - about half way through it mentions both the $47.50 & the $99.00 and that the $99.00 was non-refundable. I am VERY certain this was not anything I ever saw or agreed to but at this point I don't know of anything I can do. If there are any lawsuits in regards to this I would be very interested so at least there won't be any more "Victims" to this fraud.

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  • Ab
      Sep 21, 2009

    I alos subscribed to the add, and found a non-authorized withdrawl from my account of $69.00 Luckily when I reported it to my bank they canceled my card, sent me a new one and refunded the money. The thing I'm worried about now, is it seems I'm receiving a lot of mail fraud scams lately. If you google "Publish clearing house scam" or "Greatest Kept Secrets" both are items I have received in the past month. I have never had a problem with spam before, so I think it is directly related to signing up for the SCAM!!! I hope the creator's of the program are found and prosecuted one day.

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  • Pm
      Sep 24, 2009

    If you pay 1.97 for a google training program try to read the non-existant fine print. If you don't login to your google training program you will be charged multiple payments on your credit card. The payment of 1.97 is just to get your credit card information. This company may be a fly by night organization. If you are a victim, please report them to the FBI and the fraud division of your Credit card company.

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