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I've joined the Scam Victims Club and don't believe I fell for this!? After reading the testomonials, falling for the Fraud of as seen on CNN, MSNBC, etc. The Google name and copies of Google checks paid to individuals, I foolishly thought what can I loose for $!.97 and possibly have a profitable home business. Call me stupid! I sent for the CD. About a week later I got a call stating my CD was on it's way and I had 30 days to look it over and cancell if I wanted to. OK So far so good. Three weeks go by and no CD. On Friday Nov 6 I get another call telling me I owe $19.82 for my "subscription." What subscription? "The dinner club, " was the reply. No, No, No. I want to cancell this nonsence IMMEDIATLEY. The caller tells me it's very simple I just have to call an 800 number and AFTER I pay the $19.82 he'll give it to me. WHAT!? I raise hell with him and he pawns me off to someone who claims to be a supervisor. He basically tells me the same thing, pay this first and I'll give you the number. I raise hell with him, tell him I now have a copy of my credit card statement and the charge, that I did not authorize, is already on there along with another charge, that I did not authorize, of $47.50! What is that!? He says he doesn't know what the $47.50 charge is. He quickly gives me the 800 number, [protected], says have a nice day and hangs up. I call the number, speak to a woman named Marsha, she says she's crediting the $19.82 back to my credit card, then tells me there was an additional $19.82 charge done at the same time but my credit card company rejected it. This also was an unauthorized charge.<br />
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I next call MasterCard and explain what I have done. The customer service gentleman helping me asks the name of the company. I mention "Google Profits." His immediate response, "BIG TIME SCAM, BIG TIME!" He goes on to tell me that the company responsible for this scam has a mailing address in Boca Raton, Florida. The name of the company? Elite Save 102 NE 2nd Street #406 Boca Raton Florida 33432, BUT everything coming out of there, ALL THESE UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES, is originating somewhere in AUSTRALIA. He then asked me if I'd given them any "personal information, " date of birth, social security number? No, I was dumb to do this but I'm not THAT dumb! Then he told me to NEVER go to any of their web sites. DO NOT web search for the company and go to one of their sites. They lurk on line and when you come to their site they somehow get into your machine and you are screwed! He went on to assure me, from past experiences, this could be taken care of without any problem. The real problem he said is the poor individuals who use a debit card. They loose MUCH more and rarely get anything back.<br />
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So, there's my complaint. PLEASE DO NOT fall for the flashy advertising, false claims and outright lies of this SCAM like I did and good luck to those of you who already have and are trying to get out of it. Oh, and that CD and "package" I was supposed to get so I can read it over and cancel without any problem? NEVER got it, and I'm sure it was never mailed or does not exhist!

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      Jan 07, 2010

    I'd like to comment on the post above with regard to Elite Save. I have been a customer of their's for about 6 months with the Swifty Rewards program and I have found that I get more in savings than I pay in the monthly fee. I did sign up for the 1/2 price membership after I spoke to someone there when I called to cancel. At first I thought the same thing, that some one had jacked my cc # and I was pissed. I called yelling at the poor little person that happened to be the unlucky on who got my call. And boy did I feel like a heel when she read me the IP address where the order was signed up and I insisted on her telling me how to locate the IP address on my computer. Once we went through that process I realized that there was no secret society out there signing me up for trial periods and gas vouchers, I HAD ACTUALLY DONE IT. So I decided to give it a try and I ended up saving $45.00 on my children's school shoes from footlocker the next week. I still use the service and I am still able to save more each month with it than the $5.99 that I pay for it. So all of you who think that you are getting scammed, might I suggest that you pay attention to what you are doing and if you feel that you are so important, that you would be singled out of millions of people who shop the internet everyday, just for a company to take $2.48 for a trial membership that you are getting an initial $50.00 gas voucher for, then perhaps you should not shop for anything on the internet. Wouldn't want those gremlins to get you.

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