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Like any other, I went on the website and ordered the google kit. It then gave me a website and password/username to get into the site. Prior to that I ran into several complaints and read them. Which opted me to cancel. The number on their website is disconnected ([protected]). The other 2 numbers are from the online complaint secttion which I called and were Google to Riches and Google Profits which I found out that it was 2 different entities. I am not trying to defend Google and customer service was helpful but they did not even have me registered or had any orders placed. SO where did the order go? I call my bank to cancel the order and since it was a debit card I had to call the company to cancel. I then asked her for the number which she gladly gave to me. I then called cancelled and got confirmation number and CS rep name. And was assured that no more charges was to be made to my acct which is now closed. I hope that this number will help

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  • Rj
      Aug 20, 2009
    google profit resource - scam
    Ronda Daniel
    United States

    I registered with google profit resource and gave them my credit card info with reservations. When I went to the site they gave me after I gave them my info, I found out there is no site, just complaints about the scam.

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  • Yb
      Aug 22, 2009
    google profit resource - Deducting Funds From My account
    Google Profit Resource
    United States

    I notified Google Profit Resource on August 5th to let them I was terminating my account with them because I was laid off from work and could not afford their monthly fees. On August 21st, they deducted $99.00 from my account, that I can't afford. I e-mailed them at the contact address, but it says unknown address. [protected] Can you help me? Thank You, Darlene

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  • Gp
      Sep 20, 2009
    google profit resource - Password and user name do work?
    Noemi Ortiz
    United States

    Read other complients and don't want may credit card deducted 99.00 I don't want protection. Only want 1.95 deducted and kit send!!

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  • Km
      Oct 14, 2009

    Thank You SOOO MUCH for this you stated all other numbers as well as their email address do not work. I have had multiple charges for them come through on my account and have since had to close it because the bank thought I was doing some fraudulent activity with my account.
    Thanks Again...
    Scammed in PA

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  • Ja
      Oct 14, 2009

    What is the number to reach them please

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  • Ja
      Oct 14, 2009

    What was the number i need to contact them please

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  • Al
      Nov 28, 2009

    I impulsively signed up, but I did not include the insurance option. But when I logged on to the website, I noticed: (1) There was no link to change my user id or password from what was assigned to me; and (2) Some of the "fine print" declared Google the browser source had no affiliaion with Google Profit Resource whatsoever.
    I'll hang on for awhile to see if this is worthwhile or if I should bow out.
    Al from Reading, PA

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