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Google Money System/EMillionaire/EZNet Income / home business scam

1 Alvin, TX, United States Review updated:

Yes. I'm a fool. I was fooled by the legitimacy of their well-done site. I stupidly gave them my credit card info in order to *supposedly* pay for shipping on some information on a home business kit they were to send me. I was to receive a "confirmation" via email (which I have never received to this day) The following day I received a phone call from a somewhat English-impaired individual asking me to authorize a $39.95 a month charge on my credit card. Alarm bells (finally) went off and I flatly refused and informed this individual that I wanted nothing further to do with this outfit and to cancel any and all transactions. The next thing I know my credit card has been charged $47.00 and another "Foreign Transaction Fee" amounting to $4 and some cents.

I called the EMillionaire* folks up expressing in no uncertain terms that I wanted them to cease and desist and that I wanted a full refund for all moneys charged to my credit card. (*SIDE NOTE: At the time of the initial setup, no mention was ever made of a company calling itself "EMillionaire" nor was there any indication of this name on the printout I made of the original transaction.) I was given a major run around and told that I would be receiving an email confirmation of my cancellation and that I could expect a charge back to my credit card. When I asked for a confirmation number of some sort, I was directed to go to a certain website. I went to the website while I was still talking to this person and found that this particular website had absolutely nothing that would enable me to confirm my cancellation and any indication that a refund would be made. I informed the person I was talking to of this fact and she again waffled. I tried to get an employer ID from her and she said they were not allowed to give out this information. In fact, every time I tried to pin her down she would cite company policies against giving out certain information ( and yet it was perfectly fine for them to have my private credit card information and email address and home address, etc)!
In the end, I have had to cancel my credit card and have a new one reissued. I believe the bank is willing to work with me on this one; time will tell whether or not that is the case.
My advice to anyone who encounters these home-based business offers is to RUN!! I have always considered myself very careful and have always refused to be suckered in to these scams. The one time I let my guard down and got deceived by the very well done website turned out to be a disaster. I hope that my experience will prevent others from making the same mistake.

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  • Ly
      25th of Mar, 2009
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    I to have been fooled and duped by the same scam. I innocently gave my debit card number and awaited for my confirmation via email which never arrived. Since checking my bank statements I have lost approxiamately seventy pounds within the last two months. I am a single parent with three children and trying to make ends meet as it is without lining the pockets of others. I just want others to be careful!!!

  • Li
      27th of Mar, 2009
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    I'm afraid I fell for the same scam and am now trying to recover the money. I have been made redundant and thought that for the advertised price of $1.95 I had nothing to lose but I've now been debited $47 for a 'kit' that's never arrived. I've emailed them but have not had a reply.

    I wished I'd checked this out more thoroughly but I also wonder why the real Google isn't removing all links to the site.


  • Em
      29th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    this is a total scam. i was supposed to pay £1.30 for a trial kit and then £29 something was taken from my account and then 2 further transactions of around £27 and £33 were taken with out my authorisation. Emma (from England)

  • St
      30th of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    Me too!!! I was supposed to pay £1.30 for a trial kit and then £29 something was taken from my account and then 2 further transactions of around £27 and £33 were taken with out my authorisation. Steve (from Liverpool England) I hope my credit card company will get my money back!!!

  • To
      31st of Mar, 2009
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    Hi. I am another victim of my foolishness. Has anyone had any refund from them or any progress on this one please?

  • De
      31st of Mar, 2009
    0 Votes

    I wanted to cancel my order after reading the horrific experiences of others, looked for some digits, or official email address, none to be found. I went to a website they directed me to, and under contact us, it came up as "no file selected". So, called my bank, they cancelled my debit card for me, and gave me the number to call them. Here it is:


    BTW, when I asked the customer rep what their number was, he hesitated and gave me a different # that's junk.

  • Du
      17th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    I was also scammed and have tried getting my money back after they confirmed via mail it would take 10 days- am still waiting-now the mails just bouce back. My banks have written to them and say they will stop any further charges, I sure hope so. Guess we all learnt a lesson, but is there not some way we all can get our cash back as surely this is fraud and there should be an ombudsman out there to assist with these issues. Agree why does Google allow this if not affiliated with this??

  • Vi
      10th of May, 2009
    0 Votes

    What a rip off! I have had the inconvenience of having to cancel my card and wait for a new one, when a transaction for £34.12 appeared on my statement without my authorisation. This is blatant fraud and the authorities should be doing more to stop it. Emillionaire must be making an absolute fortune from these dubious dealings - surely it is illegal. Viiki Shropshire, England

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