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Google Money Making Profit for $2.95 only.

BEWARE this is a rip off! Innocent ppl like us are ripped off on their offer. I have ordered the google money making profit software for $2.95 and an order confirmation was sent to me, with 3 other programs, such as
NETWORK AGENDA with a 7-dy, 14-day & 21-day trial..
On the order confirmation, the TERMS & CONDITIONS were not disclosed.

The only clause you would see is
" Membership access is $____ per month, SHOULD you wish to continue,
BUT there was no clause such as : SHOULD you not wish to continue, please call our Customer Service Toll Free number before the end of the Trial Period. What a hidden agenda.
I was ripped off twice without even visiting those 3 programs because the trial period ended . There is a catch about these programs, they take your VISA card no# and charge you without your authorization. When I checked with the Customer Service on tel no# [protected], I was told that the charges was made since the trial period has ended!!! What a scam... for real.

I have been to some other sites with a trial period and yet I was not charged because the "other decent products/companies" are sending you a reminder that your Trial period is ending, and ask you if you wish to continue before beginning to charge your card.

so anyone who reads this, please be aware and forward these to all your friends, this will serve as a warning to all who wants to make money online by advertising or hoplinking or order any CD online with just shipping costs . Once your visa card is disclosed, they will charge you anytime. they are the ones making money NOT US!!!

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  • Ba
      Jul 13, 2009

    i pay 4.00monthly to sat cover suddenly they stopped 50.00 from my account told me i had to wait 28 days for it to go back inmy bank this has not been done after 30 days icant get thru on ohone its just a recording b ackerman service no sc32799with sat cover

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  • Sm
      Aug 19, 2009

    This company is a complete scam. It made unauthorized charges on my debit card and when I called the accompanying 800 number [protected]), a rep and her "supervisor" refused to even provide the name of the company. They claimed I had purchased a series of CDs from "Google" or "Google Finance" or "Google Marketing" (it kept changing), which of course I hadn't. They also said they were going to charge me monthly for the program. But aside from my debit-card number, they could provide no information on me: not my address, my email, my phone number, nothing.

    When I asked specifically where I had supposedly placed this order, the representative gave me a bogus web address with "Google's" in the name. I told her it was bogus and so she offered a second bogus address, this time unrelated to Google. This is obviously a scam, surely illegal, using credit and debit-card numbers acquired from who knows where. And it obviously has nothing to do with Google. They simply put "Google" in the name to legitimize them.

    The "helpful agents" of whom the guy above speaks are scam artists. They won't even provide their company's name or address. And now my bank is investigating them.


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  • Rc
      Aug 22, 2009

    hi smsfca10, they messed with the wrong person. i will never be a victim of this fraud.. I bombarded the customer service & complained... I even got my visa international involved investigating this matter, fortunately, I got my full refund back!!! this will be a lesson to me, and i will never ever disclose my visa or account anymore to these bogus scammers.

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