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Anyone looking into the Google Money Making Kit STAY AWAY! Do not enter any of your information or they will never leave you alone. I came across this site and thought it would be legit since it was Google's name or so they try to make you believe. After reading what turned out to be fake testimonials and pics of bogus checks I was almost sucked in. I wanted more information and they wanted my name, phone number, etc to get to the details but instead of actually stating what their program entails they wanted credit card info. The red flag went off and I decided to "google"the Google Money Making Kit to see if it was legit. It sure wasn't.
A few hours later 8:30pm in my home state of Fl I was attempting to put my toddler to bed and the phone started ringing. I didn't reach the phone in time and when I checked the caller id I saw this number [protected]. A few minutes later this number was calling again only this time I answered and the caller disconnected. This repeated several times so I decided to "google"the number. I saw several complaints about a woman named "Grace" working for the Google Money Making Kit out of California who was calling non-stop and harrassing people in an attempt to get people to buy their program.
By this time it was 10pm and like most normal people I layed down to go to sleep, a few minutes later the phone started ringing again. Two rings then it stopped, then repeated. This woke my sleeping toddler.
I mean I get the fact that I listed my name and number and I'm sure lots of others have done the same so it makes sense scam or not that someone's job would be to contact these people and try to convince them to join however isn't there a point where you draw the line????
Calling after 10pm was ridiculous! I decided to call the number and request to be put on the "do not call list" although I had read complaints that others had done this and were still getting calls.
"Grace" is the woman who answered. She immediately knew my name and number and started with her speech. I politely asked her what state she was calling from and what time it was there, she replied "California" but refused to say the time. I then told her that I lived in Florida and that it was 10pm and I didn't think that was right or legal to call this late. She started in with her speech again. I told her I did not wish to hear it as this call had woke my son and I was upset. I asked her to take me off the list and please not call again. She verified all my info with me, apologized for calling so late and said that I had been removed from the list.
Well bright and early this morning, a few minutes past 8am guess who started calling again? This Grace woman was back on the phone. When I answered she immediately started in with her pitch and I said "are you kidding me?" She asked for my name and number which she already knew because she just called me and I replied "didn't I tell you when you called last night after 10pm to remove me from your list and not contact me again?" Her reply was "oh yes the lady with the sleeping baby". I asked her again to remove me from the call list and told her if I was called again I would file a harrassment complaint. She decided to mock me and refer to me as "mommy", she was quite rude and nasty and I was floored. I told her I was not her mother and that she had a lot of nerve calling my home and speaking to me that way. I asked to be referred to as Ms._____ . Her reply was "yes mommy, okay mommy" at this point I was livid! I demanded to be removed from her call list immediately and I will admit I did let a profanity slip here or there. I am not ashamed and I will not apologize for my language. I lost my temper simple as that but the phone calls were non-stop, I felt harrassed and then on top of it she is going to taunt me because I was upset that her late calls had awoke my child, you've got to be kidding me. I made my point and hung up. I thought finally this is done, she got the point. Less the an hour later the same number called two rings then hung up. I don't have the time nor the energy to be bothered by this obnoxious woman so I unplugged the phone and it has been off all day. Why should I be without a phone just to avoid harrassment? I wish someone would hurry up and nip this scam of the internet and put this Grace woman out of business already!!!

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  • Hm
      Sep 03, 2009

    I understand your anger. I am ready to throw something right now, especially if it has the Google logo on it ! This "Grace" woman needs to have harassment charges brought against her. Fortunately, you didn't get sucked into the scam as I did. The ad popped up in the middle of my downloading an email from a trusted friend. I looked at it thinking that she had sent me this (the subject line in her email ironically had to do with being "amazed". A horrible coincidence, but I decided to check it out and decided it couldn't hurt for 1.95 s&h. Little did I know that as soon as I gave them my debit card number that they were making plans to take $80 out of my bank account. To add insult to injury, I haven't even recieved this so called kit - not that I want it !!! The whole thing was a lie. They even try to take you for more money by offering you a wonderful trial offer for your own website which you "Must have" in order to do you online work. Thank God you didn't get caught up in this !
    How about giving Grace a few calls at 8:00 am your time ?? :)

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