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I can't even begin to describe how insane and unuseful this service is. I wanted to buy a domain name on July 1rst, because a website was having a Fourth of July special. I had only about 20 dollars in my account (just graduated from college, completely broke at the moment) but I needed this site for a portfolio to get work. I went through Google Checkout to pay for it because there was no PayPal option available. I go through the process and I get a confirmation email from google. 2 days go by and it is still a pending transaction and I still don't have a site. I go back to the domain registration and they say they never got it from Google Checkout. They close the account and I try again to re-sign up. This time I notice there is a PayPal option (lord knows I wish I had seen it in the beginning) and I go through PayPal checkout and voila! Brilliant transaction and I had my domain that night. Meanwhile the Google checkoutchard was still pending on the canceled order. TWO WEEKS LATER they bill me finally, sending my account into overdrawn. I contact the site that I registered with and they apologize and issue a refund to Google Checkout. 5 days later, here I am with a 35 dollar overdrawn fee, no response from Google Checkout, and nothing that the website can do.

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  • Ba
      Nov 10, 2011
    Google Checkout - I orderd a Stero Reciver for 119 dollars never recived anything
    Google Checkout
    United States

    I orderd a Stero Reciver for 119 dollars never recived anything . I have ask for a refund several times. I get no reponse.

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