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Google and Bing / Internet Bias

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I know of a situation that shows Internet bias on the part of the search engines, namely Google and Bing. I have been watching this happen for months and can't sit idly by anymore. Hopefully reporting it here will cause someone somewhere to listen and do something to correct the s.

Two years ago, a novice blogger posted a hostile review about Site Build It on her passive income blog. (I'm not naming names. She and her friends have had way too much glory.) The review attacked Site Build It, Ken Evoy and even customers of his company. It was so full of lies and perverted truths, I remember reading it and being shocked at how wrong it was. It was so wrong, it made people mad. The reason they were mad was because the blogger who did the review had never tried Site Build It before. When they tried to set things straight, and get her to tell the truth, it turned into an online war of sorts.

Looking back now, I can see that this blogger probably got scared, but the fact remains that she lied and never corrected it. She knows she lied because soon after people started complaining, she began editing her post and hiding the evidence. As I stated previously, she had never tried Site Build It, never knew any SBIers, just took it upon herself to invent things and throw them up on her blog. I know. I read it and watched the whole thing happen. SBIers did react to it. It created a really emotional upheaval.

She called her friends in, who are masters at cyber bullying and black hat techniques. They unleashed a Google bomb and spread alarming lies about the company all over the Internet. They have been at it for close to two years and have been trying to do everything they can to do damage to SiteSell.

It's completely ludicrous, but the blog page with the review now has close to 8900 links pointing to it. They are all fake reviews talking about that one review and all artificially manufactured as part of this link bomb. I know for a fact it was an intentionally created link bomb because I read the blog posts that instructed the other bloggers on what to do and how to participate. This was no more an accident any more than the reviews are true.

Now, two years later, the search results are loaded with fake anti-SBI reviews all linking to this one false SBI Review blog post.

What I think is more wrong than the link bomb is that the search engines don't do anything about it. They don't care. This makes no sense because so many people talk about getting slapped or getting hit by the Google dance for what would be minor infractions compared to this.

I've done my part to report the link spam myself. I've either received no reply or I've gotten a "we're not responsible" reply. How can they not be responsible when it's their search engine and their algorithm that is being manipulated? Are they so arrogant they don't care about the lives of the people that get destroyed by this kind of thing?

And why is it that I have to watch my guidelines like a hawk, but this flagrant violation of quality guidelines doesn't even raise an eyebrow?

Don't for one second think that this link bomb exists because there is truth in this attack because there isn't. I've been an SBI customer for years and know quite a bit about this company, its product and its staff. SiteSell has posted an official reply on their page called the Site Build It Scam</a> which gives their side of the story.

The point is, this situation could happen to anyone, anywhere. All someone has to do is write something about you and given the right circumstances, you have no control and no recourse to rectify the situation. They can destroy your entire life, reputation and income by doing this.

Of course, nobody anywhere is perfect. No company is perfect. But this immense smear campaign is a mass of malicious lies.

Take away the link bomb and that's the truth about Site Build It. That's what's fair.

The search engines are now playing God, deciding peoples' fate and determining which companies are good and which ones are bad.

The problem is, they've got it all wrong.

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  • En
      7th of Dec, 2010

    Yea ok, so in other words, you're trying to promote the site built rogue bot via this board. For sure is not going to make it popular.

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  • We
      14th of Dec, 2010

    I must say, I agree with this complaint. Look at what freetrialisnotfree said. "Thanks to that blog, I will never try Site Build It." That's exactly what that link bomb is trying to do. To make it appear as though that’s the opinion of many, when it was actually a falsely manufactured campaign, borne out of spite. That blog post wasn't even based on real experience.

    I've used Site Build It for 5 years and it delivers on what it promises. You put in the work and you can build a successful web site. Period.

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  • Da
      5th of Jan, 2011

    Wow! I can't believe somebody posted this. I feel the same way. I've used Site Build It for a long time and this situation is very unfair. After years of learning about how violating guidelines is forbidden, how it's bad for your site and isn't good for the online community, the search engines just let this happen. And against the one company that goes out of its way to teach/help people to build honest businesses that add value to the Internet!

    It looks like Google only cares about situations if they make THEM look bad, not if it is harmful – including harming those who don't deserve it.

    All I can say is, the way this thing is set up, it could happen to anybody. That's why it's wrong and why I'm commenting. Where else can you complain about a situation like this? Google obviously doesn't do anything about it. I'll certainly never get satisfaction there.

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  • We
      24th of Jan, 2011

    Well, hey! What a creative idea. Why didn't I think of this?

    This is 100% true and I am so tired of seeing that link bomb in the search engines I could be ill. I see those lies sitting there and every once in a while I'll click on one (accidentally, of course). It's just gross that all that was written and none of it - NONE OF IT - was based on actually using the product.

    The original post was made up. All the other posts talk about the original post. It's ludicrous!

    I hope Google reads this. Bing doesn't seem to care about anything, so I highly doubt they'll do anything about it. (Ooops! Did I say that?)

    Rock on you guys! Thanks for posting this complaint!

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  • Je
      31st of Mar, 2012

    Sitesell,, SBI, Site Build It (whatever they choose to called): I know this industry well and this is a masked scam. Masked in that it is legal, and only morally a scam (happy to expand on this).

    Regardless, it is blatant SPAM, on the internet and in your inbox. For three years they have directly spammed my personal inbox from emails. Every single time I replied with "UNSUBSCRIBE" as they claimed this removed you from their list. I also sent direct emails explaining that I did this several times and am still being spammed. It continues to this day. I have NO respect for SBI/sitesell as they have none for me.

    Please, try to find their illustrious accreditation on I went there to file a complaint against them and they are either not registered, or are very well-hidden.

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  • De
      9th of Apr, 2012

    Hi Jents

    The reponse to your post is here:

    A resolution to your issue is underway.

    Thank you!

    Denise Taylor
    SiteSell Answers

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