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Google Ad Words / Site Broken and Google Does not Offer Support

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Google Ad Words seems like a great business idea, and I have great success with it in the past, but my more recent experience was less than pleasant.

1. I tried to create a Google Ad. I went through all the steps, and yet my ad was not created. I do not mean it did not appear on search sites, I mean it did not appear in Google when I completed it. In my list of ads, it was not present, nor any sign of it. So I did a lot of work and it was not there. Figuring this was maybe some user error on my part (since I frequently make errors), I went through the process again, being very careful to read everything, and the exact same process was repeated and no ads.

2. I tried to get help from Google by using their support system. I could not find anything. I tried to contact them by email, but they will not let you unless you choose a reason why. Unfortunately there are no reasons that correspond to my problem, so I could not email.

3. I searched the Internet for some backdoor to support, some email that might get me through, or phone number. I found one email address, which I used, but was quickly responded by an automated responder that Google does not offer support anymore through the email system.

I am always confused by this behavior in companies. Why do they not give options? Maybe their business model is cheapness and so they do not offer quality or support choices in an effort to keep costs down. But then, shouldn't they offer expensive pay by the use support? This is not available either apparently (if it is, I could not find it). So what am I to do?

I suddenly feel like Google is big brother, a new feeling to me because I have always adored Google, but I feel like I have no choices. Google is the search engine people use, and I cannot communicate to Google customers because of some unknown reason that is beyond my control (if it is in my control then I do not know how to fix it). I feel like they have a monopoly and I have no choices.

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  25th of Jul, 2009
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Google Ad Words - Quality of Clicks
United States

Ok, so we put our ads on Google. If you don't take the click mark off "put on Google Ad Words", any one hosting google ad words will show your ad.
How do we know that people with the ad words showing up on THEIR sites or their friends or relatives don't click on the ads just to make them money. They get paid for every click. Of course, they shouldn't click on their own pages ads, but how do we know that others that they ask to aren't.

Like this page...Take a look to the right. If I was running this page, don't you think I'd have some friends, family come in and click on those ads to generate revenue for me? Who is patrolling this?

  25th of Jul, 2009
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I own google stock. Please click the ads on the left to get me more money!!!

  25th of Jul, 2009
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friend of my cousin who runs a hospice for ###ed teens, got them to click on google adds in order to cover some of the expenses for the hospice. the kids love clicking especially when they are hungry. it gives these unfortunate souls hope that one day if hospice funding runs out they will at least have proven work experience and wont have to make a living begging or selling their blood and sperm.

  16th of Aug, 2009
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Google Adwords Help forum offers support for issues like you describe. Interestingly, since Google recently changed a portion of their search algorithm, Google Adwords has thrown many previous advertisers to the wind, with "Low Landing Page Quality Scores".

They try to explain that it is their effort to improve the Adwords component, but perhaps they appear to have shot themselves in the foot, because the incredible number of complaints and cries for help have increased exponentially in the last month.

My ads were showing regularly for the past 2 years there, but the recent change has shut down any of my adwords ads from appearing at all. This in turn is now saving me about $350 per month. A blessing of sorts. Yes my visibility has changed, but to be honest, I have improved my organic ranking significantly and I find that I do not need Adwords anymore.

The support at the Help forum consisted of so called experts telling me my site was one of the worst sites they had ever seen, and no wonder the landing page score was so low.

How they can be so arrogant about it, when my site appears on page 1 of organic results (FREE) for almost all my keywords and keyword phrases, disappoints and surprises me.

If I can make it to page 1 for organic results, then perhaps the site quality and landing page quality is excellent enough to the point that organic results prove so. But if you are required to pay for positioning, it is significantly more difficult to get listed.

I just hope that few people catch on to the service I am using to improve my organic rankings.

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