Goodwill Managersi In Martinsville Store / Items in my cart prices are changed at register despite signs quoting prices

1 1034 mountain road apartment #9, vMartinsville Virginia, United States

today at 7 :55 pm on December 22, 2015 as I was checking out a manager was baggingthings to help speed things up. I had a bunch of things from the bin of household goods The manager said my blanket I had should be priced much more than a dollar and she took it from me and put it behind her on the counter I said I wanted the blanket, what was she doing.even though I had purchased 2 afgans and a blanket last week for a dollar a piece she refused to let me have it. FINALLY she said this one time she would let me have it for 2 dollars because it was as big as a sheet and they were 2dollars PLUS SHE BASICLY called me a LIAR SHE SAID THE BLANKETS I BOUGHT BEFORE MUST HAVE BEEN BABY BLANKETS for me to get them for a dollar Isaid I could wrap them all the way around me and I could bring them back to show her but she said no and kept my blanket I TOLD HER THAT WAS TIRED OF THEM ARBITRARILY CHANGING PRICES TO CHEAT ME AND OTHERS WHAT REALLY BOTHERS ME IS ALOT OF TIMES THEY PRICE THINGS FOR MORE THAN THEY COST NEW Iknow they do because I have brought things to the managers and showed them original prices less than what they marked them Everything you sell you got for free and 99% are not antiques so WHY CHARGE US NEW OR MORE THAN NEW PRICES FOR THEMI WAS SO HURT AND EMBARASSED THAT I MAY NOT GO BACK I sat in the car crying over 30 miniutes I was so upset ONE of the customers behind me made a point of coming out and speaking to me to tell me they did me dirty and I should have cussed them out

Dec 23, 2015

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