Goodwill Frankfort / unlawful termination

1 Frankfort, IL, United States

I was terminated because I plaxed a ad on craiglist to give away a free item. I told the person to pick up the item when I go to lunch and that I will tell her when to come once I go to work the next day and find out what time was my lunch. The next day before I got to email her on my break she csme to pick up the item. I dint know that it was like I was conducting business by giving away an item I bought at goodwill to a needy person on xmas time. They told me to sign the paper admitting I was wrong and if I did it would be only a warning but I couldn't do it again as soon as I signed it I was fired. Now the mamagers break a lot of the policy they hold expensive items for certain customers give them to them at a much cheaper price. Hand merchandise out the back to friends and family but all because I gave a person a pair of skates I bought a one time thing I get fired. Them ppl was racist lazy showed favortism

Thank you frankfort il goodwill kevin michelle and racist short kathy

Goodwill Frankfort
Goodwill Frankfort
Goodwill Frankfort

Jan 14, 2019

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