Good Stuff Thrift Storedeclined credit for charge card

Made purchase Oct. 13, 2018. Synchrony bank was offering 45. oo off purchase if I applied for a card and it was approved.
The card was declined. I was very embarrassed in front of a group of people
because I don't have a credit problem.
As I was waiting to see why I was declined and to go to the credit bureau, up pops a charge card from Syncronomy bank. On the form indicated excessive inquiries. Because I was denied credit without reason, I returned the card back to the bank and ask that theyou close out the account.
Please be advised that a complaint will be filed. Syncronomy bank uses deceptive practices to solicit business. When one applies, they are declined to eliminate giving the 45. oo. Then, they are later approved.
I went to Sam's and spoke with the mgr.
who looked very dumbfounded. I explained to him what had happened. No response.
Then I get a letter from the bank indicating it is your fault. These people take no responsibility for their actions. They are not honest and I will pursue this complaint.

Nov 21, 2018

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