Gonna Be/Be Productions/My Artist's Place / Scam, Unfulfilled contract

1 Emeryville, CA, United States

We signed my son up and paid thousands of dollars for singing, dancing, acting and modeling classes among other things. My son was able to take a class but for additional fees. He had a website which worked for a while then several months later I received a notice requesting monthly payment to keep receiving notices/updates from the company. I'm glad we did not buy into more of their scam. Nevertheless, we've made our payment and to cut the story short, all the numbers we've been given no longer work and the websites closed. Contract and services promised and paid for were not fulfilled. Learn from our mistake. Shoo people who approach you at the mall and do not go to so called talent auditions promoted by these con artists. They will play with your children's emotions and hype them up so you'd feel guilty not making your children happy. These con artists will say anything and everything to get into your pockets through your children.

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