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These A/C contractors offerred me one price and then on the job site totally increased the price ! Very PUSHY ! BUYER BEWARED ! Low Prices & Low Quality ! Not Very Trustworthy ! And they offerred me "interest free" financing that totally had lots and lots of interest charges ! STAY AWAY !!! They advertise a lot in the Orange County Register !

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  • Jr
      Sep 02, 2009

    this is totally bs! they are very customer satisfaction oriented! whoever wrote this complaint must be another a/c contractor. take note of the username

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  • Xr
      Dec 13, 2009

    The person gives the quote was very rude and pushy. When we called him, he gave us a quote and said that he would come only if we did the job. Then gave an attitude when we asked for more time to think about it. He said the offer ends today. It was like talking to a used car salesman. Very PUSHY AND RUDE. AVOID THIS COMPANY! If they're pushy and mean like this, how do you expect they'll treat you if you become their customer!

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  • Vi
      Jun 07, 2010

    Well, I have a different experience to share. They came, they did the installation, hardly any of them spoke English so I didn't know what they were saying half the time. But they installed my heater in the attic and of course the A/C machine outside. I am now trying to sell my house, and the "whole house inspector" has just told us we need to repair the connections because in the attic where the heater is, the connections were put in incorrectly. We have a permit for this from our City, but I guess they "missed" this little connection thing. I'll be calling Gomez to see how they plan on fixing this for me and what they will charge and I will report back here with what happens.

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  • Jo
      Jul 17, 2010

    Worst customer service imaginable!!! I saw an ad in the OC Register for this company and thought I'd call to inquire about this. I just got off the phone with Jeff who was extremely rude, pushy, and insulting. He was irritated that I was actually asking questions (e.g., how big of a unit do I need for the square footage of my home, what brand(s) do you install, do you do free in-home estimates). Apparently he only deals with "do-ers and not shoppers", and you better thoroughly do your research even before calling this guy, lest he suggest for you to go "educate yourself" (interesting, what did he think I was doing by asking questions?). Wow, unbelievable. Who runs their business with so little tact? As a consumer, it is my option to call around, shop for the best price, and to ask the questions I'd like answered. And I should be able to do it without feeling like I'm inconveniencing someone I'm considering doing business with. With this economy and SOOOO many businesses out there that do the same thing, why put up with this? Truly, I would gladly pay more (much more) to work with a true professional (in expertise and behavior) who would actually be pleasant to work with. If this is the kind of treatment a potential customer gets from this company, I'd hate to see what it's like after you sign the contract. BUYER BEWARE!

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  • Jf
      May 14, 2012

    I called Gomez heating and air and the guy was so pushy and rude. After talking to him I told him I would speak to my husband about it and that I would call him back. This guy called me everyday at least 5 times a day. Finally, I said that we were going with another company. He said well they can't get American Standard because they are a small company. He also said that his warranties are 20 years. First of all i found out that the other company can get American Standard and that Gomez heating and air is a smaller company. So, he lied. Also, American Standard has 10 year parts warranties. Gomez is giving his own 20 year labor warranty so if he or should I say when he goes out of business, the warranty won't be valid. I can't understand how a contractor tries to lie about stuff that I can check up on.

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  • Rs
      Sep 11, 2015

    I had a same experience as one of the post above.
    Worst customer service imaginable!!! I saw an ad in the OC Register for this company and thought I'd call to inquire about this. I happen to call and Jeff who was extremely rude and insulting. He was irritated that I was actually asking questions (e.g., how big of a unit do I need for the square footage of my home and my renovation plans). He called back from different number and left me message after with cussing as I hung up on him since he was being rude. He doesn't know how shall he treat customers on the phone. If he can't do that on the first call; how do you think he behave in future when you need warranty calls. Don't even bother to call this company to put up with his BS. Stay away.

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  • U6
      Dec 20, 2016

    We had a different experience we were referred by our contractor to Gomez and I received a call from the owner who sent out Rick who was very professional. I had numerous questions because we needed to replace an old unit that required an abatement process before installation of the new heating system. While there were some issues in obtaining requested info from the abatement company ( which I finally received thanks to Rick) the heating installation went smoothly. They even returned the next day at the promised time to adjust the air flow. So far so good my house is now warm!.

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