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Golf Course / gross neglect and lies

1 625 E. Western Reserve Rd. Beaver township, OH, United States
Contact information:
Phone: 330-758-1017

My horrifying experience at Reserve Run Golf Course in Ohio that you should be made aware of. Golf Courses in the USA that operate in this manner are a detriment to the USGA and should be reprimanded and fined.

In June of 2009, I was playing golf at Reserve Run Golf Course at 695 E. Western Reserve Rd. Poland, Ohio [protected] Getting ready to tee off on one particular hole, a maintenance crew of two drove by in a work truck and the tools hanging out of the side of the truck struck me and injuring me. The boys driving the work truck stopped and apologized, however, I was upset and in pain and wasn't kind in telling the boys who hit me how I felt about their neglegence. One of the golfers in my foursome put me in the golf cart and drove me back to the clubhouse. I reported to the person on duty what happened and I was ignored. I called my daughter to come get me, which she did and took me to the hospital emergercy to get x-rays. The doctors there said I had severe muscle damage to my back and sent me to my doctor. My doctor treated me for 6 months and I was unable to play golf. Because the owners of the golf course made no attempt to concern themselves with the accident offering no help, I went to an attorney to make certain whatever expense had occurred because of the accident was covered by the golf course. My attorney worked with the golf courses Insurance Company and a settlement to pay for my injury expenses was agreed upon. Numerable times the golf course manager told neighbors of mine that played the course, for me to call him because he wanted me to apoligize to the boys who ran into me for yelling at them for hitting me. Which I did dozens of times. He was never in and never returned my calls. Finally I got in touch with the golf course manager and said I wanted to apologize about my yelling at the boys. The manager was rude and crude and threatened me with lies that the men in my foresome told him that the accident was fake and nothing happenedd to me...also one of his employees said he saw me dancing somewhere and if I was hurt, how could I dance. I never went dancing for many months after the accident, and next to golf, dancing is my favorite thing in life. He also said another employee said he saw me playing golf at some other golf course. I have never played golf since the accident. The manager said I am never allowed to play his golf course again, which I never plan to do anyhow. After the accident, I could have gone to an attorney who would have gone after the Reserve Run Golf Course BIG TIME. All I wanted was for my medical expenses to be paid for, which the manager and owners of Reserve Run made no attempt to do.

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