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Goldstar Van Lines / It's taking them over a month to deliver my stuff

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Goldstar Van Lines picked-up my household belongings (clothes, bed, linens, kitchenware, etc) on July 22 in Garden Grove, CA to be delivered to Cambridge,MA. As per the contract, estimated delivery date was to be between Aug 12 and Aug 22. It is already Aug 26th and my items have not been delivered. I called them several times and talked to the supervisor, Michelle. As of last week, Aug 18th, my belongings had not left their point of origin, San Jose, CA. Goldstar Van Lines has never called me to warn me of any delays in shipment. On 10 Aug, I called and was told my items would be delivered on the weekend of Aug 19th. On Aug 18th, I called to ask for an estimated delivery time and was told that the shipment had not left their point of origin. On 25 Aug, I called again and was informed that my belongings would be delivered "around" the first week of September, and there's nothing they can do to make it faster.Because of this delay, I have to buy some of my crucial needs like clothes, kitchenwares, bedding, etc.. Do not ever trust them with your belongings! Check Better Business Bureau- Silicon Valley for more complaints about them.

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  • Lo
      20th of Sep, 2007
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    The service was very poor. Starting with the customer service and down to the delivery people. Most of my stuff was ruin and i was missing a couple of boxes which are mostly electronics.

    I called the office many times and still havent't heard anything back from them.

    I have to pay a lot more that the quoted price and was so frustrated with the the whole moving experience.

    My experience with this company was so horrible and i feel like i should get my money back.

  • Ja
      24th of Oct, 2007
    +1 Votes

    I feel the same way - my experience with this moving company was absolutely a nightmare!!!

    Over-charged, missing items, have other peoples stuff, ( boy they sure were on top of that problem) I wonder if those people will ever see there belongings, I doubt it, charged for 5800lbs only weighed in at 3200??? I could go on and on.

  • De
      23rd of Feb, 2008
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    I contacted Gold Star Van Lines sometime in July 2007 to move my belongings from Burbank Ca. To Albany, Oregon. At that time I had given them my WAMU Debit card to secure the deposit of $200.00. I authorized them to take out the $200.00 only. I was assured that all of my items would go into a separate bin by them selves and that no one else’s stuff would get mixed up with mine, they assured me that all of my items would go in a bin by themselves...

    Once they moved my belongings to Oregon I gave them the remaining balance of $1,938.00 in cash .
    Once all my items where unloaded from their moving van, we then noticed we were missing a total of 25 boxes of our belongings. Since then we have had an on going dispute with this company.

    They charged us for packaging that we had already done and we had told them NOT to repack anything as we would do any needed extra packing since we had bought all the supplies to do it with. When we were not looking they unpacked and repackaged several items and charged us over $650.00 additional. I was very upset with that.
    Once they arrived with our items, we noticed that there where several boxes of items that did not belong to us. I called Gold star AND INFORMED THEM OF THIS. I ASKED THEM HOW THIS COULD OF HAPPENED AND Michelle informed me that it was nearly impossible that this could of happened. Since everyone’s stuff is in its own bin. Once they had finished unpacking the van we counted 25 missing boxes of ours. And they had damaged our bedroom furniture.
    I again called Gold Star and spoke with Michelle on this matter of missing items and the damage that was done to our furniture. Michelle told me that yes they did have all 25 of our boxes, but would not ship them to us until we had paid the additional costs. She told me I would have to file a claim with their claims department. I asked her how this could have happened since our stuff was supposed to have been in there own bin.

    She could not explain how this could have happened, she said, well maybe someone else got your stuff like you got someone else’s items. I became very upset with her rude answer.
    Then she transferred my call to Danny Shoval the President of the company. I asked him about my missing items and he said, “ I can not tell you anything about your items until you pay us”. He said “take it up with the claims department.” I asked who was in charge of the claims department, and he informed me that “he was the claims department.”
    I informed him I would “NOT” pay any more until I received my items. I told him they needed to take off those charges for the repackaging of my furniture and that we should have never been charged for this. He then hung up on me. I called him back and again he told me I would have to pay, and I would need to send it to their claims department.
    I received a certified letter a few months later that said they where going to auction off my items if I did not pay. I called again and spoke with Michelle. She said “she could not tell me if they did have any of my items not.” Then again she transferred me to Danny Shoval. He said he was the Collections department as well. I asked him again if they had my stuff and he again said I can’t tell you if we have your stuff until you pay us. I told him I was not going to pay them anything until I knew for sure that they had my stuff.
    On the morning of February 12,2008 Danny Shoval from Gold Star Van lines called me again and told me he was the collection department for his company. He said he was going to send me to collections if I did not pay them,
    I told him to go ahead and send me to collections, and that I was NOT going to pay them one cent.
    That afternoon I looked on line at my bank account and seen that he used my debit card and took out $1,350.00 with out my consent. I called Danny at Gold Star and told him I did not authorize him to use my credit card at all, and he hung up on me. I tried calling back and he would not accept my calls.
    I did not authorize this transaction at all.
    A few days letter I received another certified letter from GoldStar Van lines saying they were going to auction off my items. He wrote this letter the same day he called me telling me he was going to send me to collections.

    I refuse to pay this company anything else at all. I’m not even certain they have my stuff and I’m also certain they will not pay for the damage THEY DID TO MY FURNITURE.
    I refuse to pay this company anything more. They can sue me for the rest.

    I want my bank, Washington Mutual to press charges on this company for the unauthorized use of my WAMU debit Card.

  • Ca
      8th of Mar, 2008
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    GoldStarVan Lines - Moving in distress!
    GoldStarVan Lines
    United States
    Phone: 832-477-2350

    I too hired GoldStar Van Lines for a move from CA to Houston, TX. They picked up my furniture/household goods on 2-20-08. I have been in constant contact with them since then asking for an approximate delivery date. When I spoke with Adriena on 3-3-08 I was told that the truck was in TX and that my furniture would be delivered after another shipment was dropped off. Imagine my dismay when I called on 3-7-08 and never got a call back. On 3-8-08 I spoke with Michelle first then was switched to Danny who told me that I was not speaking to him in a proper manner just because I wanted answers to my questions. I have already paid these people $1032.00 and have a balance of $1271.00 due upon delivery. I hung up on him!! I called back and spoke with Michelle who told me that I needed to e-mail her with an ASAP to get my items delivered. By the way, I have filed a complaint with the GoldenGate BBB and am seeking advice from an attorney on 3-10-08 for their business practices. What would it take to see that this doesn't happen to anyone else?

    I asked Danny for the owners name and how to contact him and was told that the owner would not be in the office until the end of April. When I looked up the company on the BBB, the owner is listed as Danny Shovan, the same guy that told me I could not contact the owner. Go figure that one out.

  • Sh
      19th of Mar, 2009
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    I understand exactly what you went through. I am going through the a dispute about my balance. I spoke to Adrienna at the company who was so helpful and and kind in the beginning. She was going on vacacation and told me when I knew the date I wanted to schedule the move to contact Maggie her collegue. So I did. I called and let her know that I needed the stuff delivered on 04/01/09, so I was told that they needed to pick my stuff up on 03-14-09 because I had to give them at least 2 weeks. Now when I started the whole process I was quoted $1765 for 3005. Now when they asked me how much stuff I had I said probably around 2000-3000 pounds, she told me well just to be safe let's round up to 3005, that way if you under you will get money back, but at least you wont' be over. Made since right? Now mind you they were picking up my things from an already packed storage unit. Of coure no one called me ahead of time like they were supposed to. I had to keep calling to find out when they were going to be there. Now, I am already living in Texas and my father was going to meet the driver on site. Finally they show up. When they get there, the tell my dad that anything loose would need to be put in a box, and they are going to charge me per box. That was fine with me. I knew that might possibly be the case.

    So, they load everything. The next day they call my dad, still not quite sure why they called him. But they told him my balanace was $1400. Of course I am confused. My quote was for $1765, I paid a $200 deposit and and half on the pick up, so I paid them a total of $980 so far. My balance should have only been around $780. No ofcourse not. They charged me close to $600 for the few boxes they used. So, I thought ok fine. I know the weight was not 3005 so of course I am going to be getting money back from that which should absorb the cost of the packing and boxes. So, I call and speak to Lee (the dispatcher) who tells me that my stuff only weighed 2160 lbs. so there is a difference of 845 lbs, at .60 per pound that is a huge difference. Here is where it gets good, Lee tried to tell me that I still have to pay for the 3005 lbs because that is the amount of space they left on the truck. Of course that conversation did not go well. I told him was out of mind. It clearly states on my contract that I will only have to pay for my actual weight. So he tells me he is going to have he manager Danny call me back, I asked to talk to Danny and he tells me that he is not in yet and will be in a couple of hours. I told him I expected a call back in a couple of hours. Of course I never recieved a call back. I call back and try to speak to Maggie or Adrienna since they are the ones who did the quote and set up everything, they avoided me like the plague, everytime I would ask for one of them the just transfered me to Lee, who just went in circles. Finally I gave up and let my boyfriend take over the battle because I am getting to angry. So my boyfriend calls the office twice asking for Danny, they kept saying he wasn't in. Then on his third call they said he would not be in until later this month, but they would have him call. Of course no phone call. It has been a week and no phone call. So finally we just contacted an attorney (who happens to be my boyfriends uncle) to get some legal advice. He told us to contact the Attorney Generals office to file a complaint. So we did. He told us we can't really do anything legally until they either don't show up with my stuff or they really try to make us pay the off the wall charge. So, yesterday my boyfriend called the office back again and talked to Lee advised him that we have been in contact with an attorney and what they are trying to do is a bate and switch. He asked if the delivery was still set for the 4th. Lee says it will be delivered on the 4th (we will see). In the mean time my boyfriend explains again the we still have not recieved a phone call from Danny and we are starting to believe he doesn't exist. We ask if he is the owner and he tells us no. Again he tells us he will have Danny call, my boyfriend told him we have contacted the AG office, oh things changed then. Lee says why would you do that? So, then he changes his story. He now says that the reason why I owe what I owe is now because when your weight comes in lower then the quote then your price per pound goes up. He was serious. Of course at this point there is no point in talking to this guy anymore. So, we will see if Danny calls. We will see if I get my stuff on time. What I do know is that I will fight this to the end. Oh and my the way, Danny is the owner, I found that out on BBB website. So everyone who reads this please wish my luck. Who knows when or if I will ever get my stuff!!

  • Ca
      9th of Mar, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Never use Gold Star Van Lines!

    They gave me an original estimate of $707.20. When they arrived Feb.
    15 they forced me to buy a $20 over-sized box for an old mattress.
    They also shrink-wrapped a junky piece of furniture for $10 that I
    didn't want shrink-wrapped. Fine. That brings my total to $737.20.

    I called two days later to ask when my stuff would arrive. They didn't
    give me an exact date, just "later this week." They did tell me my
    invoice was $888.20. I immediately told them that this was incorrect,
    but the dispatcher (Lee Bavin) wouldn't tell me exactly why the $151
    discrepancy. Over the next two weeks I called and e-mailed numerous
    times to try to rectify the bill, but the response was always
    non-existent or evasive.

    Finally the truck arrived the evening of March 4, about two weeks
    later than the original estimated date of arrival. The driver
    presented an invoice of $888.20. I called Lee Bavin again. He finally
    explained that the extra charges were because they had unloaded my
    stuff in their warehouse for two weeks rather than promptly delivering
    it like they were supposed to. I was supposed to pay the storage and
    handling fees because they were tardy in delivering my things. I told
    him there was no way I would pay more than $737.20. They threatened to
    drive away and put my things in a local storage facility until I would
    pay the extra $151 plus additional fees for a second storage. We had
    four or five testy phone calls over the next 50 minutes or so. I had
    to resort to reading him my contract over the phone and threatening
    him with a lawsuit. Finally they did unload my things for the proper
    $737. (I got a $0.20 discount for my frustration!)

    *Bonus Trivia* The company calls itself Goldstar Van Lines of
    Fremont, CA on its contracts, phone calls, and customer website.
    However they billed my credit card as AllVanLines of Milpitas, CA.
    Trying to hide something?

    I would advise people to never use Gold Star Van Lines. I would also
    advise people to never believe the dispatcher Lee Bavin or the owner
    Danny Shovan.

  • Fr
      5th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes

    don't use them!

    Don't use them. Final price was about double what I was quoted. Delivery took 24 days. Items lost in the process vacuum cleaner, outboard motor parts. Items damaged in the process lather chair, lamp. No response to e-mails. Total scam
    August 11, 2010 by greg in Chicago, IL

    RED FLAG!!! Scammers! Beware!

    I hired them to move my household from OR to WI. I was stupid and did not do enough research and was not faliliar with moving scams. They picked up my stuff and promtply doubled the cost and would not deliver until they received their ransom, . They would not accept credit cards because of the consumer protection that cc's offer. It took them 32 days to deliver, in full violation of their contract, and it was by a rented-truck-third-party. When I complained to the BBB they outright lied. These people need to be put out of business
    February 11, 2010 by Lehua Maloney in La Crosse, WI

    Run don't Walk Away from this company!

    I'm sure the "five stars" are from insiders. Wish I could give less than one star. It is over a year since we moved and we have been getting the runaround. They sent a truck too small. They squashed our boxes and furniture. The damage they caused by their own negligence was immeasurable. Yet they still can't pay us the paltry amount the claim settled for. This company, we are now told, is mercifully out of business. This company is why foreign countries are killing American businesses.
    November 20, 2009 by L Sorensen in Gravel Switch, KY


    DO NOT USE GOLDSTAR VAN LINES! We used them to move our belongings from CA to the midwest. They're movers were rude and would ask if they could "have" some of our stuff. Our belongings took over a month to receive (when promised that we would receive them in 2 weeks). When we finally received our things many items were broken and expensive electronics were missing. We have yet to be compensated for this disaster even though we have filed all appropriate claim forms. Save yourself the hassle and go with a legit company.
    November 19, 2009 by Samantha

    Do not use them, they are not to be trusted

    Do not use this company. They agree to a fair price and take your items. Then call you back and pad the bill by 25%. Next, they do not take credit card, only cash (because with credit card you can dispute the bill). They are shady and not to be trusted. I have filed a lawsuit and a complaint with the BBB. There are many good moving compaines out there, do not waste your time and money with these crooks.
    November 07, 2009 by Mark4 in San Jose, CA


    Do not use Goldstar! If you want terrible service, broken items and lies then go ahead. They moved me last summer in 08 and here it is 9-09 and I am still trying to get what little money they owe me for breaking my things. I got my shipment 3 weeks late and it came on 3 different trucks.
    You will regret it if you go with Goldstar.
    September 08, 2009 by A Schultz in Gilbert, AZ

    Run the Other Way

    The owner needs to be arrested. He took my money and damaged half my possessions- and laughs about it. (I firmly believe any positive reviews are written by him!)
    August 09, 2009 by John Knight in Las Vegas, NV

    Do not use Gold Star Van Line---Scammers--We need to put them out of business

    What ever you do, DO NOT USE use these people. I was astonished by their actions. They are the worst scammers in the world. The completly pull what my attorney call a "Bait and Switch". They get in with the low price and then make you pay twice the amount you were quoted before the give you your stuff. They priced my quote at 3005 pounds and my stuff only weighed 2160, in the contract it states you only have to pay for your actual weight. Nope, I had to pay for 3005 eventhough I did not the weight. They told me that if the weight is less than the estimated amount then the price per pound goes up, what???? Then told me that I had to speak to the manager Danny who I later found out was the owner, of course he never called me and no one would give us his number. They owe me over $500 and I am sure I will not get it until I take them to court, the claims depart (which is 1 person) is a joke. Please do not use these people...
    July 17, 2009 by Shamika Walker in Dallas, TX

    Dear GoldStar Van Lines movers

    Goldstar Van Lines

    This move has been a complete nighmare! They lost 25 boxes from my move. Danny Shoval is the owner of this moving company. BEWARE! They will not refund you one cent of your claim! They give you the run around until you are so upset Danny is a LIER! He will lie to you about everything. They told me they had my boxes, so I would finish paying them, once you do, you never see your stuff again! Then they will NOT settle with you. I lost more then 25 boxes and they said my claim was only worth $633.00 and he still will not pay me! DO NOT USE THIS MOVING COMPANY!!! THEY ARE SCAMMERS OF THE WORST KIND!
    May 20, 2009 by Debbie Hicks in Albany, OR

    Don't Use Goldstar Van Lines

    From start to end this was the worst move out of the 4 moves I've had across country. At first their price is low and the customer service good. At the end, as in my case, the cost almost doubled, furniture was damaged, and the company is not abiding by its claims department's settlement for these for the damages. The owner Danny Shovan is impossible to reach and after months has not paid 1 cent toward my claim. I would advise anyone to seek their moving services from ANOTHER company.
    May 10, 2009 by James Esquivel in Las Vegas, NV

    Great company ! for me its work !

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