Goldsoon London GBUS / Unautorized charges

1 OH, United States

I had charges on my Visa card ( 4 of them including "debt charges" for over 60.00 dollars all on the same date 4/11/12 and I have NEVER heard of the company ???? It also says it was for a signature debit purchase which can't be possible since I would remember using my debit card and signing 4 different times on the same date? I do NOT EVER use my card as a debit and certainly and not daft enough to use it 4 different times and incure 4 charges for the debit usage instead of making a 1 time purchase to avoid the fees? I have NO idea where to go or what this is associated with or how to get it resolved? I have had the NSF charges removedby my company and had to cancel my card to ensure it was never used again. I had other issues with some spam scam on my childrens gaming site ( RUNSCAPE & AQWorld ) could this be related and how the hell do I dispute this? I will be HAPPY to send a copy of my statement since ther is a place for photos once I get some direction on how to properly dispute this.

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