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Goldsmiths B&B / Weekend at hell at Goldsmiths B&B, York

1 18 Longfield Terrace, Bootham, York, YO30 7DJYork, England, Yorkshire, United Kingdom Review updated:
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Phone: 01904 655 738

B&B – Goldsmith’s, 18 Longfield Terrace, Bootham, York, YO30 7DJ

Before reading this, this review is not threatening but to tell the truth in order what we aim to get out of this, no violent criminal activity, definitely not hearsay as we have evidence on tape, this content is relevant to tourists as some may have the same lifestyle as the couple below, also not forgetting that York has a bit of a gay scene.

We made our stay there one weekend when we were due to get married in York, the whole adventure was great but until we were due to leave one day before hand where the owners Susan & George made very un-savory snide remarks towards
us once they knew we were gay! When one of the owners knew we were getting flowers, she didn't expect it would be for us so it was after that we started to get the really odd and negative behavior which clearly states the owners being homophobic. We told the owners that we had a leak in our sink the day after our wedding, more or less when we asked for our breakfast to be delivered to us in bed as one of us was ill. We told them about the sink then which clearly made loads of water mess all over the bathroom floor. The daughter of the owner went to put the breakfast tray on the bed until the mother being one of the owners shouted at her saying "not on the bed" abruptly and to say that they wouldn't change the be linen afterwards anyway. Very strange!

This was a shambles because the owners are clearly homophobic after telling us just being married in York a day earlier for them to get out of their room, one of the owners banged aggressively and shouted at them to get out of their room. One of the owners stated he needed the plumber (his nephew) to get in and sort out the leak not asking their permission before hand but a simple note stating to be out by 12pm. This was not convenient as one of us was ill so it meant that the owners lost 50 quid apparently but then when being more or less forced out and shouted at to get out, we were going to be charged 5 quid for the plumbing when in fact the room wasn't viable to stay in then if there was a faulty unit. I have never in my time being asked to pay for something in a hotel or a B&B for something that is down to the owners to keep it clean, tidy and comfortable as possible. There was also a Rentokil box behind our bed which again assumes there has been a vermin or insect problem in the past, this again did not amuse me. When I read other reviews I can understand why there other people stating the have been bitten by fleas, etc. Us being two girls were threatened, intimidated and verbally abused by this old fashioned arrogant brute that we then had to be picked up by my father to which he was not amused by all of what happened & he is also disabled. He also taped their comments as the attitude from them was disgusting saying, that we were the worst kind of people the have had stayed there. Worst kind of people, this is again a hate crime! For people who don't know what a hate crime is, look it up.

When you get comments from the owners like "well what do you expect from the likes of those people", and that "You's are the worst kind of people I've ever had stay here", it begs to belief whether or not the owners know that they are living in 2008, not 1958. This is a B&B where old fashioned people would probably be welcomed to stay as well as straight people but for gay young people, you don't have a chance. A full story will be made publicly aware very soon, in most national and local newspapers as soon as the couple have secured a deal. As York is starting to slowly become a gay scene, I urge a lot of people to be made publicly aware that this B&B to be shunned & to be protested against as they very narrow minded & arrogant. After picking up our cake at an inn, who again the owners are gay there; they have made sure they make this publicly aware to others in the future, especially tourists. Well done Goldsmiths, you've put your foot in it now haven't you?

If there is anyone out there who believes has had the same kind of problem or any dispute with this B&B, I urge you all to review & slate this place as the tourist boards are already getting their letters in the post and email. We have stated our story to the national papers and local papers.

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      28th of Apr, 2008
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    B&B – Goldsmith’s, 18 Longfield Terrace, Bootham, York, YO30 7DJ

    Before reading this, this review is not threatening but to tell the truth in order what we aim to get out of this.

    When we arrived we were told according to their website there would be car parking, there isn't. The B&B is placed on a street very much like to a one way street full of B&B's and a railway track on the other side. Further down are residents so they have special permit holder licenses so you can't stay there either. When the owner said I would have to park in a certain spot, I asked if he could move his car to let me get in much better. It would seem this was a massive effort, huffing and puffing and another owner stating we couldn't park. A very nice warm welcome, again as stated in their website “A warm and welcome approach is given by the owners Susan & George", this was clearly not the right approach. As managers or owners you do whatever you feel is necessary to make each customer their stay as both arriving and leaving as pleasurable as possible.

    A lot has been made aware to us, rest assured this is a place that is very badly designed, room-wise if you're staying there, do not stay in the attic, oh yes they have an attic where upon the owners claim that this is one of their best rooms. It's no good if your partner has arthritis and can't climb many stairs to start off with. When this was mentioned the owner wasn't interested putting us in a different room altogether. When we asked why we couldn't stay in this particular room, the owner bluntly said "I've just put you in the wrong room" but after making close observations, no-one seemed to be in there. Then after a day staying they were cleaning it out.

    The room itself where we stayed was very small, pokey, and badly designed. We have banged our heads a few times off the ceiling and the bathroom cupboard. The room was filthy after putting on a fan, lots of dust and fluff was scattered around. I had flea bites afterwards not knowing until I got back & after reading a previous post on here I'm not surprised. I even decided to lie on top of the bed after that. The attitude from the staff is not what it states on their so-called 4 star rating website, quoting "to the highest standards in service and hospitality".

    The TV never worked properly either as was a rubbish signal, the cupboard wasn't a cupboard, and it was more like a boiler cupboard where we could only put mine & my partner’s suits in there for a wedding. The toilet brush was also faulty after trying to use it, was already broken in its case. No curtains or blinds in the bathroom so anyone could see you getting changed, naked, etc although the window is frosted its still not the point. The bed was also a little hard and uncomfortable for us, more so for my partner who has arthritis. The blind on the only window we had in the attic was also faulty as we pulled it open but wouldn't close or shut properly & had snagged out of its lining. The fridge which is next to the bed made some noise right through the night which again woke us up.

    After making my complaint where we left as one couple the owner was clearly not bothered about taking my complaint seriously and didn't even bother to knock a little money off for our trouble & this is coming from who is a retail manager for a blue chip company. Upon leaving I & my partner had to nip into the centre to do a little shopping but I had asked the owner if they knew whose jeep was blocking me in otherwise I couldn't leave. She said I would have to wait until the guy got up, etc so when returning, I asked if it could be moved. The owner was talking to the customer who jeep was blocking me in & the owner said "it’s been moved" quite snobby and I said it hasn't. Eventually the guy came out & moved it after asking him politely.

    Never again will I stay there as I feel it's not what it's rated at which is suppose to be 4 star although I don't see that anywhere outside their place. The service of the staff when listening to their customers isn’t taking seriously. I would strongly advise anyone staying in York to be aware of this particular B&B in future as we should have done some research before booking.

    It's a good idea to have reviews like this so that people can make good judgments on where they would like to stay and share other people’s experiences where they have stayed, we have freedom of speech. After all if we've paid for this we should be able to give a frank and honest review of what we think of our experience, as it would seem we weren't the only one's to make a complaint on that day too.

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