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Though I had heard many complaints about their service and facilites at Goldkist Beach [protected]@East Coast, I wasn't about to believe all til I experience it myself today.

I wanted to go view the variety of rooms available. As advised on their website, they welcome the guest to view the room before booking. Hence I called and was told I could go down anytime for viewing and also confirmed the availability of the rooms on my preferred day. I asked to hold the room for me which was rejected. So I when down immediately to get it done.

Guess what, the moment I asked the reception, their answer was rooms are being inspected and cannot view. I probe further why I wasn't told on the phone, and they said it's a last min inspection?? Better still, the dates I wanted was not available since few days ago.

Anyway, I insisted for them to do something for me since I made my trip there. They confronted an INDIAN MAN who seemed like their Manager, upon hearing he told me NO and there's nothing he could do. I got into an arguement with this man who refused to do anything nor did he identify himself when "I asked for his name and position. (Guilty?) Not only did he not apologise for the wrong info given by the reception, I was told "by all means, dun stay here if you don't like!" And all he could say is "Do you think I was delibrate?"

Well, I don't know about that. What I knew was HE covered his staff for their mistake. HE did not provide solutions for the problem.(Or maybe asking me to go is his solution?) HE pointed that I seem to be the trouble-maker here delibrately making things difficult for him... Speechless..

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  • Gb
      5th of Feb, 2010

    We regret for the incident happened.

    But it is true-that this week we are inspected 5 times by various departments’ teams so our staff has to attend to them. Of course they don’t inform us & visit as per their surprise checks-upto the level that there were multiple inspections on same day.

    We are updating our website-for room viewing has to be done during 10-8pm.
    Room viewing may be delayed if Govt officials are inspecting resort.

    In meantime we are trying to identify the relevant manager & will investigate the case. Can we have your contact number to assist more info about it.

    Goldkist beach Resort Management

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  • Na
      6th of Feb, 2010

    My question is: Where is the customer service?

    I have been given wrong information over the phone, your receptionist did not hear me out nor try to find out who gave the information. Yet she kept saying there's nothing she could do. Your receptionists at the front desk represent and speak for the Company. When you could not do anything for your customers, the least you could do is listen and understand their frustration. AGREE? Neither did she apologise on behalf.

    Than that MAN with moustache and wearing white shirt is nothing but the WORST. He is the ultimate display of the worst kind of service anyone could experience in Singapore. How can you ask your customer to go? Did I violate the law? Did I use violent or valgarity? What right did that MAN has to ask me to go? And why is he so afraid to provide his name and position if he believed that he did NOTHING wrong? So, I understand why the rest of your staff is providing the kind of service I received. A far cry from your competitors.

    I am not going to leave my contact number as I am SO fearful of being further humiliated or even harressed by anyone of you. Please leave your msg here. By the way, you did not leave your name as well.

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  • Pe
      10th of Jun, 2010

    Nate, I know this is a little too late, but please, BE GLAD that you didn't stay with them.
    I just did, and I tell you, this is one part of EARTH that you will caught me dead there.
    Their staffs were rude, constantly giving wrong information, raised their voice at me etc.
    I should have guessed when they called me about my reservation. I thought it was a one-off situation, but no, it didnt stop for all the 3 days that I stayed there.

    Totally wasted the money i spent.

    By the way, I wrote in officially to complain, and unsurprisingly, with their standard of service, I have yet to receive any form of reply!!!

    Myway-- if you experience the customer service there, I bet you will be talking about it here too. Also, which part of Nate's complain is wrong? The website said she could view the room, she called them, confirm she is going, and when she did, they told her no!
    And their response?? You think this is fair? Wierd...

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