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Goldiqc / Scam of customer, too much waiting time, refused to give refund.

1 CA, United States

From this Goldiqc website, I tried to buy a item which is worth $40, They told me that if i buy now, I can pick up the gold right away. However, they told me that only accepts "Western Union". I tried to send, but their location was in China, and it also costs me $14.00 for international fee!?!?. I regarded about $14.00 fee because they said it's on stock, they will give me in minutes. After I paid with WU, i let me know i paid, and they suddenly said "sorry, our worker is not here, can you come back here later?". I came back around 2 hour later, and they said "Sorry it's out of stock now". By that time, they already got my money. And I complained, they just says "sorry, we will try out best". I asked them "Are you going to refund my money?" and they said "Plz, Don't worry we will deal with your order soon". It's been three days right now, they promised me that it should be really soon, and stock was on, but? after got money on their pocket, they start to scam you, So Do not buy from that Websites!! They are not living in US! So they got no phone number to contact, what a scamming company.

[Sally] Hello, how may I help you?
[Visitor] I do not know how long i need to wait
[Visitor] [protected] Honyanier
[Sally] Please hold on, I will check on that.
We are keeping collecting the gold for you, but need more time. As soon as we get it ready, we will email you at once. Thanks for your understanding.

[Visitor] you got stock now?
[Sally] we are trying our best to find the new supplier
[Visitor] no..
[Visitor] but you told me before I pay, that stock is enough
[Visitor] Where is that stock go??
[Visitor] You told me i can pick it up right away.
[Sally] you know this game gold demand is quite large recently, our gold farmer is busy working on your order now, please don't worry, we will contact you whenever we have it ready, and so have the stocks to inform you at the first time
[Visitor] no, you told me stock was on.
[Visitor] 8 min to 24 hour?
[Visitor] why can't you guys put as 8 min - 1 month
[Sally] sorry for your delay
[Visitor] i need to when i am actually going to get golds
[Visitor] Whether the gold demand is high, you let me pay with wu
[Visitor] paying extra $14.00
[Sally] I am not sure but once its ready we will send you a email and we wi ll do it fast
[Visitor] after paid, suddenly turn out to tell me "sorry it's out of stock"..
[Visitor] I don't know you guys are just getting the money first, and don't care of customers.


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