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This is a topic for all those who are looking to buy or have bought and got scammed from these websites. Here is your solution to getting your money back:

First of all, if you're looking to buy from these websites, do not. They will not deliver period.

My situation and solution:

I bought $400 worth of coins via paypal on promising delivery of the coins within 20 minutes. Not only were the coins not ready, they excused wanted me to check back within 1-2 days. Throughout the transaction they also asked me to reveal myself via webcam or show them a personal identification card (some will ask for a phone call). As with authentic companies, everyone should know that this is completely unnecessary. By this time, I realized that I was the victim of a scam and immediately filed a dispute with Paypal.

Next day, they told me to CLOSE the dispute and then they would refund the money. Obviously, I knew that I couldn't do that or I wouldn't get my money back. Then they provided the excuse that if they refunded the money before I closed the dispute, then Paypal would provide a "negative evaluation" to them. I immediately called Paypal regarding this and they said that in NO WAY would a "negative evaluation" be given if the money was refunded. The claim would automatically be closed if money was refunded. I told them this and I threatened that if they refused to refund my money, I would make sure that Paypal and my credit card company would look into their company's fraudulent practices and that this would be much worse ramifications than a "negative evaluation." That got their attention and after they spoke with their "leader", they refunded my money.

Uncovering their business tactics:

We all know that they will attempt to steal your money but how?
1. Paypal - If you decide to close a dispute, you will no longer have the option to revive it and you will no longer get your money back.
2. Identity - They will ask you questions regarding your age in attempt to evaluate your maturity level. If you are young enough, they will try to manipulate you into getting what they want.
3. Relations - In an attempt to cover their tracks, they will try to forge personal relations with you. They asked me what nationality I was (I'm chinese for the record) and they immediately tried to relate to me because they happened to chinese too. Too bad I wasn't that cooperative.

1. File dispute with Paypal immediately - This will get their attention and they will beg to ask you to close it. Don't until your money is refunded.
2. Contact Paypal and credit card company - After 1 day, ask Paypal to escalate your claim to a dispute. Also, notify your credit card company of the situation.
3. Be serious and direct - The most important tip of them all. You must talk to the customer service representative of the website from which you bought from. Be forceful into saying that there will be harsh consequences if they don't refund you the money. Usually by then, they will (slowly but surely) look into it and give you a refund.
4. File with IC3 - I did so due to their fraudulent practices.

Finally good luck to all of you and feel free to contact me with any questions.

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