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Golden sands motel / Stay away from them

1 2603 S OCEAN BLVDMyrtle Beach, SC, United States

I made a reservation for 2 nights at the Golden Sands Motel (unfortunately without having seen the place first) in the beginning of the week. On Friday my sister and I went to check in and get our room keys. Upon my first observation of the motel it seemed a little seedy and run down but I already had my reservations and I didn't want to have to search around all night for another one. The desk clerk was a very nice, pleasant young man. We got our keys and had to have someone (one of the guests) show us to our room. This is where the trouble started. We opened the door to a 80+ degree room with the air conditioner running. Overall the room was clean, but when my sister sat on the bed it went completely down to the floor. She stood up and pushed it down with her hand and it rocked like a teeter-totter on the playground. We then decided to go and ask for a another room, which I was going to inspect before I decided to stay. We got down to the office and told the guy at the desk (a different one from before, but still very polite) that we had problems with the room's A/C and the bed and would like another room. He said, fine I'll get the manager to exchange your room for you and he proceeded to call the manager from the back. As soon as she (the manager) came from the back, she took one look at my sister and myself and without hesitation said she was going to refund our money and let us find someplace else to stay. Now of course I was puzzled because she didn't even ask us what the problem was so that she could make it right. So I asked her, why are you giving me my money back when all I want is another room. I then proceeded to tell her what was wrong with the room. She looked at me and said with a very nasty attitude, "I am going to give you your money back and maybe you will be happier somewhere else". My sister then asked her what kind of customer service was this, because we have a complaint about the room we are basically being asked to leave. Her response was, and again with that nasty attitude and tone in her voice, that usually when customers are not satisfied with one room they won't be satisfied with another one so it was best that we find someplace else to stay. Now at this point I'm pissed off with her so I ask her "How would you know that I wouldn't be satisfied with another room, if you are not even giving me a chance to see one." My sister then proceeded to tell her that maybe it's because she knows her entire motel is ###. I then told her to go ahead and refund my money and that I would spend it someplace where I was going to receive better customer service. I then let her know that if she wanted to continue to get customers in her motel, she really needed to change her attitude.

On our way out the door even her desk clerk could not believe what she had just done, and he told her that all she had to do was give us a another room and he would personally go up to this room and fix whatever needed to be fixed. She ignored him and asked my sister and me to leave her motel. The two clerks then followed us outside and continually apologized for their manager's attitude.

Now I don't know whether or not she was in a bad mood that night or what her problem was but she was very nasty, and I would never spend a dime in that dump if it was the last place in Myrtle Beach to stay. And I would not recommend anyone else spending any money there either. Needless to say we had to spend the next hour and half searching for another motel to spend the night. We did however end up staying at the Polynesian, which is a very nice place with a good atmosphere. Spend your money at the Polynesian people and stay away from the Golden Sands Dump.


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