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G Nov 17, 2017

Re: Goldcar Car Hire - Contract No: [protected] Vehicle 7369JPR - Alicante Airport 08/10/2017

We reserved the above car through a UK booking agent "Do You Spain" and paid the hire charge of Euros 26.32 (GBP 25.13) through our Barclaycard credit card on 30th August. As you are aware when I picked the car up at Alicante airport on the 8th October the agreed rental charge was Euros 26.52 plus 73.00 Euros for a full tank of fuel. You also took a "suspended" charge for accident indemnity of Euros 1, 100.00. My understanding was that the Euros 1, 100.00 would be returned, in the event that the car was returned undamaged, and we would be refunded the value of whatever fuel was left in the tank upon returning the car to Alicante airport. We were also under the impression that the hire charge was also covered (Euros 26.52) as we had already paid this amount to " Do You Spain on 30th August.

I have just received my credit card statement and it was of some surprise to note that Goldcarhave deducted a charge of Euros 255.08 (GBP 234.61) on 17th October and a further charge of GBP 24.98 on the 8th October, that appears to be a duplicate charge, which had already been paid to "Do You Spain" to reserve the booking. The car was returned undamaged and I have received no notification or explanation from Goldcar that there is any additional charge applicable to my booking . I expected to pay only Euros 73.00 for the full tank of fuel, less a credit for the remaining fuel. As Goldcar have double charged me for the booking I expect to pay only for the fuel charge of Euros 73.00 less the double charge car hire fee of Euros 26.52 and whatever credit for returned fuel.

My total charge expectation is around Euros 40.00 and Goldcar have charged me a total of Euros 255.08 and 26.52 = Euros 281.60. I have notified my credit card company to withhold payment from Goldcar until the overcharge is sorted out.

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    Customer Service has done everything in their power to resolve the complaint. All attempts to contact the customer have failed. Therefore, the complaint has been annulled and must not be considered where image of the company in question and its services are concerned.

  • GoldCar Rental Customer Care's Response · Nov 29, 2017

    Hello Graham,
    As for the question about the deposit, our clients have two options of coverage among which to choose a method of coverage (it is mandatory to choose one coverage option). You can select our Super Relax coverage which covers the possible damages of the vehicle and has assistance in highway 24 hours, without franchise and without blocking any deposit of the card (

    In the case of not wanting to take our coverage, the client has to leave a deposit that starts from € 1100, and when the car is returned, if it has any damages our agent proceed to deduct the amount of the deposit and unlock the rest. In case of returning the car in the same condition as we have delivered it, we proceed to release the total amount of the deposit. To know the exact amount of the deposit, please visit our terms and conditions ( Section 13.).

    Some of our clients sometimes hire our services through an agency and these agencies offer their insurance that is foreign to Goldcar. In this case, they must leave the deposit and not to choose our Super Relax coverage. In the unfortunate situation that the car is damaged during the rent, the amount of the deposit is deducted and it is the client who has to claim the reimbursement of that amount to his insurer or agency.
    Kind regards,
    Victoria R,
    Goldcar Representative.

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