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Goldbilt Homes / Scam

1 United States Review updated:

Quality Wholesale Homes which is now out of business, so called closed their doors and which now is called Goldbilt and run by the same set of Scam artists!! The lowlife I worked with was named Matthew Ferguson Jr.! This business is not even that! They are just out to get your deposit and not give it back! Luckily I got my $5000 back from them! I sent them my deposit along with my hopes of being able to provide a home for me and my 6 children and my 2 nieces who I now keep since my brother passed away in a car accident in February of this year. I really needed a bigger home for all of them and thought finding this company who worked with people who had credit problems was a god send was I wrong!! It took me awhile to finally send my deposit of $5000 which they took out of my bank on July 3, 2009. Then I was called by Matthew on July 8, 2009 and told that Quality homes had closed their doors and gone out of business but the good news was that Goldbilt homes was taking over QW homes customers and honoring the deposits and they would honor my $5000 and that he had been recruited by Goldbilt! When I asked him where my deposit was and how I could get it back he then said he didn't think I could get my deposit back and he did now know because he did not work in the financial part! He then tried telling me how much better Goldbilt homes were and to go look at their website I was in shock and thought I had lost my money and told him I would talk to my husband about it first. I tried calling QW homes and all I got was an answering machine saying that that they were having phone problems and to leave a message and they would get back to you. I then went on the BBB website to see if this was all true, QW homes going out of business and sure enough they did! I then contacted my bank and told them what had happened. They thank god helped me by cancelling my ACH which is the electronic debit, the way that QW homes took my $5000 out of my savings. My bank then told me QW homes bank had 7 days to decline it but it shouldn't be declined because the money was to be used for a down payment on a home and since the company went out of business I obviously was not getting what I gave them money for. As I waited anxciously to get my money back Matthew called me and was still offering Goldbilts Bull you know what I kept telling him all I wanted was my money back he finally got irritated with me and asked if I wanted to speak with his supervisor I then said yes, so a man by the name of Chris got on the line and did the same spill to me how Goldbilt was going to honor my deposit I then told him well wouldn't we need to do a new purchase order in Goldbilts name instead of QW homes he said no we can still use theirs unless you wanted a different model home, I had my QW homes purchase order in font of me as I was speaking to him and told him all I wanted was my money back and he said I don't know how thats going to happen they went out of business and I asked him what did you say your name was again? He said Chris Howard! I just happened to look down at the signature of my QW homes purchase order and low and behold that was his signature! I then asked him did you work for QW homes to? His voice got very nevous and he said why yes I did they recruited me to I was very lucky they did. I then realized this is the same exact company, QW homes, they just changed their name to Goldbilt! I told him I would think about it, I didn't want them to run with my money so I played along with the lowlifes Chris and Matthew who quit calling me after that. I then got a call form Matthew Ferguson Jr. 3 days later he said he recieved a memo saying I cancelled my ACH and asked why I had done that since Goldbilt was going to honor my $5000 deposit! Now remember this is the man who said he did not know nothing in the financial area!! I said of course I did that I want my money back thats alot of money to lose and you told me yourself QW homes is out of business so I want my money back he then said Oh ok well do you want to do a new purchase agreement with Goldbilt we can do that? I said I thought you said we didnt' have to I asked to do that and you guys said no? He said we can I will have it emailed to you right away! I kept playing along and said ok. He did email me a new purchase agreement which was the same exact one as QW homes just new Goldbilt name and the Electronic funds Transfer form was all filled out for me with all my information even my bank info!! Matthew then called everyday to see if I recieved it I never answered his calls again. I am one of the lucky ones I did recieve my deposit of $5ooo back thanks to the help of my bank I hope this can help someone else and I also hope this message will alert anyone who is even thinking about doing business with these deceptive losers who take your money!! How dare them do this to their own American people!

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  • He
      15th of Oct, 2009
    0 Votes

    I am also a victum of QWH/DSH.They stole $2500 from me and my husband. Do you happen to have their phone number where i can actually speak to someone?

  • Ta
      9th of Jul, 2010
    0 Votes

    They are back in business:

    Fiesta Wholesale Homes


    Home Owners Wholesale

    Buyer beware.

  • He
      5th of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    Tappy will be hearing from are attorney because we are a small mom and pop business and have no dealings with these other companies!!!
    Tappy please call 972-837-2004 so you can find out for yourself!
    Fiesta wholesale homes
    We sale homes and do construction!

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