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Gold Lincoln taxi services / money

1 Newark, NJ, United States Review updated:
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Phone: 973-344-5566

these people tried to take extra money from me they were suppose to charge me 8 dollars from my house to my college but instead one day they charged me 10 dollars i knew that was wrong so i called the company and asked them how much is it suppose to be and they told me 8 dollars n i told them how come your driver just took 10 from me n then she said ooo its 10 dollars and then i said how come yesturday when i took your taxi you charged me 8 and then she put me on hold and came back n said the driver was going to come back and give me back my money later that day my mother called and she asked them about the cost of the ride and she told my mother 9 dollars then my mom asked to speak wit the supervisor and even the supervisor was rude and hung up on my mothers face i promise that next time this happens i will call the police dont ever go to this taxi service they are thieves!!!

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  • Ma
      30th of Jan, 2009
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    I Agree, I used their service on several occasions from Ferry Street in Newark N.J., and was overcharged twice. When I complained to their Supervisor, Cecilia, she was rude and hung up on me. I was later told by a girlfriend that their drivers left her stranded on a rainy day because she was a dollar short, and had to walk from penn station all the way to her home. I have changed to Classic, they are the best company and Newark, they have been in business for over 15 years and are professional and corteous. I hope you use their service.

  • Jo
      11th of Aug, 2009
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    Gold Lincoln, pretty much stinks...their drivers are rude, the dispatcher is always on a hurry when they answer, and then they hung up on your face when you request a taxi, they don't let you finish the conversation and just hang RUDE! But the worst of all is that I requested a car the other night from Riviera Bakery on Ferry Street and a the car that picked me up was dirty and smelled like liquor, but to top it all the driver's breath also smelled like liquor, it was awful...he insinuated something in Spanish and when I got upset he apologized, I reported this incident to the dispatcher and was told that someone will call me back, I am still waiting...There are so many other companies out there so I switched...GOLD LINCOLN STINKS...they are so unprofessional and RUDE.

  • Jo
      11th of Aug, 2009
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    By the way, I used Classic the other day and let me tell you, they have a $2.00 off all local rides and $5.oo off all Airport rides, this is going on until the end of the year for their 15th Anniversary. Call them at 973-484-9494 or They have Limousines too!

  • Si
      5th of Aug, 2011
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    Gold Lincoln drivers are horrendous. Absolutely dangerous people. They have no regard for anyone else. I can't remember how many times the ###s, both male and female drivers have run lights, stop signs, cut me off, decided they'd change the no turn on red to yes I will turn on red, made turns from the wrong lanes and follow so closely to my car that I brake check them and they freak out! Don't have a clue how some of these people have licenses nevermind be approved to be drivers!

  • Fo
      30th of Mar, 2013
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    I am here to begin with due to this poor excuse for a cab company. As i read all these negative comments from 2009-2011 about this company it is sad to say they are still the same. My situation, I was on my way to work Saturday morning from Penn Station. I was coming off the Path from NJ. The bus i usually catch to work runs every 50 minutes on Saturdays and i had just missed one, So catching the next one would have made me late for work. As a good attempt to avoid being late for work, I had 30 minutes to spear so i decided i would just drop the extra cash on a cab instead of being late. So i used Google to find the closest taxi company to Penn Station. It just so happens to be these guys who were just 0.4 miles away. I figured they would arrive in no time and get me to work on time well i was horribly wrong. I called and a lady picked up the phone. I asked for a taxi Kearny and she gave me the price of $14 and said she was sending the guy right now. Before i can even get out another sentence she hung up on me. Wouldn't even let me finish saying what i had to. Well being just 0.4 miles away and sending out a driver right now i was still waiting 20 minutes later. I called back and told her i had just called asking for a cab and reminded her she said she was sending a guy right that minute, She said she will tell the guy and hung up on me again without even letting me finish my sentence. Waited another 30 minutes, Driver never showed, I ended up catching the next bus 50 minutes, And was late for work waiting on this pathetic company. This is by far the first time i ever called a cab twice and the driver was a no show. NEVER AGAIN !

  • To
      30th of May, 2013
    0 Votes

    I called for a taxi to pick me up at my school and I requested a female driver since most of their male drivers harassed me and made me feel uncomfortable. I waited half an hour for a cab and it never arrived. I called back and a female (who refused to give me her name) told me she would call me back with the whereabouts of my driver. 15 min. later and still no driver or call back. I called back and the same female forwarded me to the manager. I asked the manager about my ride and why the young lady who said would call me back didn't. He became defensive when he was unable to answer my questions and then told me that I would not be receiving service and hung up on me when I asked why. I called back and asked for his name and he also refused to disclose it. I informed him that he was putting me in danger leaving me and having me wait for almost an hour at the location I was in. It was 10 PM at Essex County College and was surrounded by men who were catcalling me and harassing me. The manager yelled that he didn't care and hung up on me yet again. I have never been so scared in my entire life. I was so confused as to how a business can do this to a person without an explanation. The communication was horrible and the people were extremely disrespectful. I ended up having to call another taxi company just to get home. Now as a woman who's been sexually assaulted in the past, this is one of the worst things to go through. I will be looking into the laws of NJ to see if this company and these people can be held liable of my safety and well-being, and if so I plan on contacting a lawyer.

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