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Gold Key refuses to acknowledge my timely cancellation letter for their time share. They showed us a luxury time share, even a Penthouse. After they pressured us for nearly five(5) hours, I signed a contract for a time share which they did not show us, but said looked like the one we saw. Totally the opposite! Sent a Certified cancellation letter after getting back home seven(7) days after signing. Gold Key refuses to accept the cancellation. They are also threathing to garnish my wages and report me to the credit bureau.

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  • Lh
      Mar 28, 2011

    My husband and I also stupidly signed a contract with Gold Key and have been making montly timeshare payments for 5 years. My husband lost his job and although I have made the monthly payments on time for the entire time I have had this property, I could not pay the maintenance fee until February 20 including the $50 late fee. Two days later I get a notice from a collection agency that I owe them $259. For what? I paid Gold Key the exact amount they billed me and yes, I was late, but I also paid their $50 late fee. Seems like in the meantime although they received my check and cashed it, they decided to turn me over to a collection agency. They have not taken my week away yet, but I am looking for that to happen next as I am fighting with the collection agency and as you all know, they hold all the cards. I will never purchase another timeshare with Gold Key, I will never recommend them to anyone and I will do my best to tell everyone about my experience. Yes, business is business, but we are all humans and none of us expected the economy to tank or for so many people to lose their jobs. If I knew of a way to sell this rock hanging around my neck I would do so. I do not know why I should pay a collection agency $259 for making a phone call AFTER my fee was paid. I plan to post this complaint on every complaint board that has Gold Key attached to its name. Don't think twice, RUN IN THE OPPOSITE direction instead of being trapped by their salesmen for 5 to 6 hours at a time brow-beating you into purchasing a timeshare. Because once they have you, they have you for life.

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  • Js
      Feb 21, 2012

    We also stupidly signed a contract with Gold Key, My husband lost his job after our first year of owner ship and we tried many times to contact a person to make arrangements to stay at another location, change for another week or just for someone to help us with some information, we called, with no call back, we e-mailed, with no E-mail returned, this went on for many weeks with no one responding to our calls or E-mails. We tried to rent our week out, but again no one would reply. We were hoping that buy renting it out would help to pay for our maintenance fees. We paid cash for our time share and now threatening foreclosure on the timeshare. Run the opposite direction before you are brow-beat for hours and promised a lot of things that are not true. They have sent us threats weekly, to turn us over to a collection agency.The letter we received this week, stated that if we would turn our timeshare over to the owners association and remit $500.00 they would cancel our indebtedness. TALK ABOUT B S After they get you hooked, they will screw you.

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  • Js
      Jul 03, 2012

    3rd of July 2012 Skip King

    Anything to do with Gold Key is a SCAM, They we tell you anything to get you to sign on the dotted line! Buyer beware, you will lose it all when you buy and it is impossible to sale a timeshare. They will tell you that for the sum of $560.00 for maintenance fee you can have this great time at Virginia Beach for one week of the year believe me you're getting Screwed. You're better off to just stay at a hotel! When a sales person stops you just tell him or her to go straight to hell, and keep walking.

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  • Ar
      Feb 22, 2013

    Gold key did not tell us everything about the time share program. The dues increase substantially after only a year. We have received hundreds of phone calls for late payments, no matter from two days to 20 days late. Unable to cancel or sell time share. Never again will we be deceived like we were by Gold Key resorts. I pray that the government take notice at the time share industry and look at how many families are taken advantage of each year.

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