Gold Funduntrustworthy

If you can't find any information, any reviews about a company, it may mean three things: they are not popular and they are new in business or they are scammers.
What are more ways of how to understand if they are scammers or not?
Well, just go through the website and single the things out.
For example, the Gold Fund. What's that? Where are they from?
Hard to understand unless you know which country has a +61 phone code. It's Australia. They provided no address and it's weird. Why would an investment company hide their location? What's the point?
People from the team could have provided more presentable photos and a little bigger.
And why the link "contact us" leads to a coming-soon page with a countdown? How are these pages related? Is it an error? Of course, it is.
Don't trust companies like this.

Nov 26, 2018

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