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Gold Farmers / Rip off

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Okay so I didn't know it was against the rules for Guild Wars to purchase gold online. In not knowing I went to keep this in mind for future reference because they are the biggest scammer of farming gold. I purchased 200k. In guild wars about 1000 gold is 1k so I purchased a lot of gold. I got it for a good price. My intention was to help my guild out, not knowing guild wars gold was a no-no. So I went to the customer service after purchasing with paypal and they told me it would a few hours because farming takes time. I understood and waited and came back. Then they told me due to Guild Wars cracking down on this sort of thing they would give me something equivalent to gold. I thought it was odd when they said this but then I hadn't looked into whether buying gold was against the rules or not.

So I agreed and waited for like 30 mintues. When they came back they said to come back in another hour or two then my order would be ready. By now I was irritated as the site clearly states you will have your purchase within 30 mintues. So I told her that I would come back but I want my order when I'm back.

I came back and the customer service was closed so I sent a message stating that I would like an email when the order is ready and I will jump on Gw and pick it up. I was unable over saturday and sunday to get online. Monday morning I waited until 1030 am (California time) to check my email. I got some weird message saying which website?

I didn't respond and went straight to customer service. I waited a really long time and they never responded back after I told them my character name. So finally I thought maybe again the problem is this whole 'crack down on buying gold' so I told the rep that I would take an equivalent.

He responded as 'no'

Then said something else that didn't make much sense. I got the impression that he doesn't understand English. So I wrote back and said so what now?

I tried calling the number [protected] provideed on the website but it rang off the hook repeatedly and nobody answered.

He responded buy 80 Z keys (which are like 5k each) and then we can do transcation. Though he didn't say it as clearly as I wrote above. So I responded in shock no of course not. Why would I have to purchase more to get my original order? Or something along those lines.

He said sorry okay refund. I wrote back and told him if I don't get my refund by tomorrow I will report them and jumped off customer service.

If I can't trust this website to even get me what I asked for after four days or trying then how can I trust that they will refund me the money? So made a dispute with paypal over the seller if I get no reponse by tomorrow then I will make it a claim agains the seller. I also checked guild wars website afterwards and learned buying gold online is against Guild Wars policies.

So here I am waiting for my refund and warning everybody to not buy gold from

They are scammers and besides buying gold online is against the game policy anyways.

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      18th of May, 2014
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    Sadly most of the gold farmers are like that now there are maybe a couple could be trusted. Back at the end of march of this year i started to do Elder Scrolls Online and oddly enough every day or a friend of mine told me 8 times today she got in game mailings from these people 8 seriously? If you google this there was one story that at least 85% of the known tickets are players complaining about these people and oddly enough while most of the farmers advertise there business in chat has to let the players know by in game mailings. if you read the comments from the other players they would rather see these people be put out of business. If you have use a gold farmer a trustful one so a friend tells me is Mogs. As for most of them they should be avoided like the plague

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