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Portfolio to Paradise is a reseller for an online operator called Gold Crown Resorts. Nobody should buy anything from this company as their services are extremely poor value. Although not illegal this is an example of a business that relies entirely upon a very intimidating psychological sales tactics. DO NOT PAY MORE THAN $2500 FOR THEIR PACKAGE!!! Here is why:

Here are their tactics:
1) Spend a large amount of money on direct mail.
2) The direct mail offers you a 'free cruise' or something similar in exchange for 45 minutes in a sales presentation
3) They know that people will attend the presentations in order to claim their 'free cruise'
4) The 'free cruise' is a very low quality offer that has many additional charges attached to it, and is very difficult or impossible to claim.
5) Once at the presentation you will be met by a 'liner'. This person has 15-20 minutes to make friends with you and your spouse. (Only couples are allowed in the presentation as it is easier to play one off the other)
6) The 'liner' is there to make you lower your guard as they are not the 'pressure closer' - that will come later.
7) You are asked a set of standard questions by the liner for 15 minutes whilst the room gets ready. The answers to these questions are used against you later when the 'closer' comes in.
8) The presentation is done by a professional guy in what they call the 'podium'. This will be 45 minutes of pure fiction about the company and you will see various claims that cannot be proved or substantiated.
9) Here comes the' Drop'. The Drop comes at the end of the presentation where they present alternative deals - then they offer you the special deal of the day (everyday, all day, the same). This gives a false sense of urgency and some people buy on the spot.
10) For those that don't buy immediately, which is most people, then the game really begins. For a professional closer this is a blood sport and they thrive on it. Every possible pressure technique from passive aggressive to just aggressive will be used and the average close ratio is around 20% - yes 1 in 5 people will drop a credit card on the table. This might take an hour or more of intense closing pressure and multiple faces but people eventually feel disorientated and exhausted and give in. They will drive a wedge between you and your spouse and often people argue and there are tears - happens all the time.

The closer will lie to your face without blinking as he or she is a commission only salesperson who needs the money - they know you are greedy (you are greedy) and they will use it against you. It doesn't matter who you are or who you think you are - you are susceptible to the techniques that the professionals use - if they weren't good at it the business wouldn't make money.

Here is how it's done - Today's price is $10, 995 for 6 weeks a year in the program AND if you buy today then it will go down to $8995!! Sure, I can discount that because I like you and we are good friends now... but if you don't need 6 weeks a year then I can take $1000 off the price for each week. OK, so 2 weeks a year for just $4995 (minus 10% for AAA, 5% for payment in full, if I take back that terrible free gift then another 10% - your wife really wants it!!!

So, the truth is that the selection of properties is pathetic - there are some good deals but they are very far and few between - the available dates are very limited and the bottom line is that you are paying THOUSANDS of dollars for something that is worth about $400. 80% or more of what you pay goes to marketing the deal to you in the first place, including about 15% commission paid to the 'liner' and 'closer'. Portfolio to Paradise is not worth the money - I know because I worked there as a top closer and know exactly what goes on... Keep your money in your pocket and buy travel deals online from reputable agents - there is no limit of discount deals available out there... Portfolio to Paradise is not a scam. But it is about the worst value travel deal available anywhere and uses direct selling because it is effective in the setting that they create. So if you get an offer of a free cruise or flights or something similar to attend a presentation from P2P then recycle the mail piece responsibly and take your spouse out for a nice meal instead - because you've saved thousands of dollars and about 4 hours of your life!

Feb 21, 2013

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