Gold Country CasinoDon't Pay Their Contractors


I am a private contractor who has been doing business with Gold Country Casino for over a year and I want to give a heads up to any other private contractors out their who are trying to make a living, THEY DON'T PAY THEIR DEBTS TO PRIVATE CONTRACTORS without a fight. They go months between paying on the billings then only pay what they want. They will not sign a contract with you nor will they keep their accounts up to date with you. They don't care that this is how you take care of your family or that you need money to run your business. They don't care that you had to charge products to your credit cards to get things done for them. They will always have an excuse and they will go on like this as long as you will let them. If you start doing business with them do it being tough from the start, COD and no credit or you will never get paid what you haved earned.

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