Gold 7 Inch Solid Figaro Chain Braceletgold 7 inch solid figaro chain bracelet

The Bracelet got damage cause a door hit my arm, or wrist. I took it to get repair cause I had purchase Insurance on this product. they took it in. And a bout week and a half I got a call set it was ready, well when I went to pick it up, damage was still visible, no repair was done, So I ask for the Jewelry dept Supervisor name ( Darren) Store #2904
9500 S IH-35 STE H Austin, Texas 78748. He came back and I explain to him that I had wanted this item repair and that they did nothing to it . He look up some paper and said that they had sent it back due to it was not repairable, he said that I could get some money back from the insurance but would have to SENT it back . I agree he said they would either sent a gift card or a check on the value of Bracelet. I said okay. Well about a week and a half again, we get a call saying item was ready to pick up. When we went in that afternoon the Bracelet was not sent to Insurance Co. or repair for some reason it was left there and no one seem to know what to do with Item. I paid $70.00 Insurance and feel that is a waste of money cause they don't comply with policy on repairing items or Jewelry. So I took Bracelet back home and not happy about that, but did not want to deal with this problem over and over . There fore I feel that I need to recover my Insurance money on this item. Please advice on process on what steps to take to do so. Thank you very Much. Mr. Xevior Mota

Nov 23, 2018

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