On November 19, 2008, I booked a Go Holiday Package for a mily via to BangKok (6 December 2008). However due to the political situation in BangKok, the Suvarnabhumi airport was closed. I lodge a cancellation of my holiday package one week before 6th-December 2008. For that purpose, I have contacted several numbers with no success but only one number responded which was +62-[protected]. The officer in there helped me to cancel the flight related with
that plan, and he advised me to e-mail the officer in charge Ms. Widayanti (email: [protected], after I complaint that none of the numbers given by the call centre was life (+62-21-[protected]; +62-21-[protected]; +62-21-[protected]; +62-21-[protected]; +62-21-[protected]; +62-21-[protected] and +62-21-[protected]). I have sent several email to her to request for the status of my booking, surprisingly no answer. The following day I called again the
call centre +62-[protected] and after waiting for long hours listening to the answering machine, I managed to talk with one officer. Although I feel so fed up with a similar question again and again regarding my booking code etc, and standard answer as follows: " the cancellation is in process, later the hotel staff (Hotel in Bangkok) will contact me" on the cancellation. The officer receiving my call kept inform me, that the corresponding offices responsible to handle GoHoliday is now move to the new address-(new office), that is why they are unable to be contacted. I was so surprise with this unprofessional responds, how come "International oriented airlines" like airasia can not manage to give a proper telp. lines to customer once they move from one office to the other new offices, I suspected this is the way they handle customer, not to give a true lines instead give customer a dead line or "a fake line". Wandering if any body have ever checked whether the phone numbers they published in their website are true ? Other number I ever contacted was +[protected]; again...the recepcionist in that number informed me there was no staff can answer the phone; all the staff were out of office ???. Such non-rational answer are really non-common for the company offering services to the public. Therefore, I really think this non-professional services shall be stopped to prevent more customers being victimized by airasia. I do hope the authority either in Indonesia or Malaysia shall do something to audit the credibility of the company, and shall stop them to publish their service via website. Thanks

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