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I was online 4 days before Valentines day looking a nice flower arrangement for my wife. I see the website for and find a $70 that looks great and I think my wife will be happy to see arrive for her. The arrangement consist of 12 white, pink, & red roses in a beautiful vase. I pay for it and request that it arrive on Friday 2-13 to her office. She calls and is happy that I sent her the arrangement. When she gets home I see the $70 arrangement and hit the roof. What I saw her come in with I wouldn't have paid $5 for, she received a small red tone fish bowl that had some corny looking rhyne stones the spelled love in lower case and 12 roses 10 of which were no bigger then an half an inch bud. The 2 that were open were on the last day of life and were losing petals. It was the worst looking set of flowers and the I've ever seen. I called and expressed how un-happy I was and they processed to hang-up on me. Apparently there are only 2 people in the company and all they do is re-direct orders to local florist who don't even offer the arrangements that this website post on their website. Don't waste your money on this website!!!

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  • Ka
      25th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes - you don't get what is pictured
    United States

    For Father's Day I ordered the "Health Nut Basket." This gift basket was to contain apples, at least a pear, a plant ... this was a beautiful gift basket pictured on their website. I've attached a photo of what was received. I've contacted this company by phone twice, I've emailed a photo of the basket we received and then a subsequent follow-up email, and have yet to see any action or, in the least, receive a response from them! When I ordered this albatross I was told it would be a total cost of $69 and change. My card was charged $73 and change. I paid $73 for THIS!

  • 88
      12th of Jun, 2011
    0 Votes - Horrible experience
    United States

    I ordered a beautiful arrangement for my best friend's birthday, but was horribly disappointed when it arrived and looked NOTHING like what I ordered. The arrangement was sparse, not in the same color scheme, and largely filled with greenery and babies breath. I kindly called and sent an email just letting them know that I was displeased with the arrangement and would like to talk to someone. After A MONTH of phone calls with a number of employees and emails with no response I finally spoke to someone today. He not only personally offended me by telling me that my issues were not worth his time because my arrangement was not very expensive, but it was my fault because I didn't call the florist that actually delivered the arrangement. I asked him why the first person I spoke with on the day of the delivery wouldn't have told me to call the delivering florist and he insinuated that some people are just stupid. He also rudely insinuated that only someone who really needed someone to talk to would go to this great length to get in touch with them. I really only wanted to let them know that the product was not as described so that other people would not experience this, but after that kind of customer service or lack there of, I will not EVER return as a customer. There are many other companies that I have been very pleased with, and I will go with them in the future.

  • Ca
      10th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes - Unbeliveably BAD!
    United States

    Flowers were not delivered on te day they were promised. Phone calls not returned. Fianlly spoke with FRANK who said it was not worth his time to return calls. Would not refund my money said " I am not Chinese or Indian, I can't work for $1.25 a day-NO REFUND". He also went on to say " no one reads online review about the company so he does not care". I am contesting this with my CC company and filed a complaint with BBB.

  • Ca
      28th of Jul, 2011
    0 Votes - Horrible service
    United States

    I ordered online a funeral basket to be delivered on Sunday, ordering it on Saturday. Nothing shows up on Sunday. I call and get a 24 hour service that cannot help me. They advise they will have someone call me in the am. By 1pm, no calls back. I call them back and they say 'oh we are closed on the weekend', that is not what the website says. Someone calls me back 2 hours later saying they cannot locate anyone in the area to get it done that day, so next day (Tuesday). Nothing arrives Tuesday, and NO phone call to me saying delivery issues. They were advised to leave this with tenants in Apt1, that did not happen. Funeral is now over. I call Tuesday night, and cannot get help again because it is the 24 hour call centre. They say someone will call me back in the am, no one did. Package arrived Wed 12pm. I call to complain and the customer service manager 'Cindy' calls me back. She was the ruddest 'Customer service Manager' I have ever dealt with and made this to be 'my problem' without apologizing. She would not give me her manager's name, claiming she reports to no one. I will never use this service again, and I hope you do not either.

  • Sh
      20th of Oct, 2011
    0 Votes - Worst customer service EVER!!
    United States

    Long story short... I tryied to get flowers for my gf. After the order was not delivered I called up 5 times finding out why not. Then after the 5th call someone called me asking me to pay a extra 20 dollar charge. I said I shouldnt have to pay for that I was called a CHEAP A$$ and hung up on!!! NEVER GO TO

  • Ho
      19th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes - Poor quality
    United States

    Ordered flowers for my mother in law for mothers day $70. They arrived brown and wilted. I called "customer serice" 4 times and never received a call back. On my fifth call I was told I was a lier and the delivered flowers were beautiful. I requested to speak to a manager and was told I couldn't. This is the worst company that i have ever dealt with. Stay clear and don't order flowers though this company.

  • An
      19th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes - DO NOT SHOP HERE
    United States

    I should have read the reviews first! I had a horrible experience with them. They don't deliver your flowers, don't offer to try to deliver your flowers, and don't care if you write a bad review. Do yourself a favor and don't waste your time or money with this company. I ordered flowers to be delivered to the hospital for my mother-in-law so she would receive them after she woke up from cancer surgery. did not deliver them. AT ALL.

    Can't say it enough - stay away from this company!!!

  • Me
      29th of Nov, 2011
    0 Votes - No Customer Service
    United States

    I paid over $50 to have flowers delivered on 5/07/11 with GoFlorist - Telefloral. At 8 p.m., 5/07/11, still no delivery. There is NO e-mail to this company and when I called the "customer service" phone number, I was put on hold for over 10 minutes and then disconnected.

    Now looking for other places to leave negative feedback and of course, NEVER again using this company!

  • Ga
      15th of Feb, 2012
    0 Votes

    Well, try this on for size. Ordered because they GUARANTEED same day delivery. Ordering flowers for a funeral, you don't get a week's notice on those things. Put down in the special instructions the day, date and time of the funeral. Get a message on the phone next day (day of the funeral) that they can't deliver them today, maybe tomorrow, call back and confirm that this is what I want to do.
    Hell, no it's not what I want to do, AFTER the services are over???????? Call the number, get a kid who can't get me to anyone to talk to, he can't tell me anything, but he can "relay a message" to someone later. NO RETURN CALL. Get back on the site, no way to email or cancel order. Call another number found on website, it's a fax machine. Call another number found on website, get a little girl who can't tell me anything, but she can "relay a message" to someone." NO RETURN CALL. Call another number, girl gives me the number of the local flower shop they sent the order to, but she only has a number, no name of the shop. Call that number. They never heard of, have not received any orders in my name, or any orders for that arrangement. Call the site numbers again, another girl can tell me the number she has listed for GoFlowers, and damned if it isn't the number I just called to get her. I said "If you call this number are you going to answer the phone and talk to yourself???? She giggles and says "Probably". POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE AT IT"S HIGHLIGHT! You can bet your bippie they wasted no time in charging my bank account and getting their $75 out of there. I still don't know if any flowers went anywhere, still have no communication, mo money, no answers. DO NOT EVEN CONSIDER THIS SITE, IT'S A MAJOR RIP-OFF!!!

  • Js
      29th of Mar, 2012
    0 Votes - Charges Your Card Without Authorization
    United States

    I placed an order at 7AM and received a voice message at 12PM the same day telling me that my online order did not meet the minimum amount required for delivery and that he was sorry I wasn't told so upon purchase. He asked that I call him back to let him know if I'd like to cancel my order or pay $6 more to meet the delivery requirement. I already felt like I was paying too much for a tiny bouquet, so I wasn't willing to pay $6 more. I've called 3 times to request a refund, but my calls have been answered by their "message center" clerks who claim they can only forward messages. Their website says your credit card won't be charged without your authorization if more money is required for your order. I checked my online statement today and I have a pending charge from this company! I'm still waiting for a call back and refund. Save yourself a headache! Stay away from this company!

  • Su
      29th of May, 2013
    0 Votes - No Flowers Delivered on Mothers Day
    North Carolina
    United States

    I ordered $75 Flower Basket for Mothers Day from, They told me they can Deliver them on Sat or Sunday, I waited until 8:00 pm Sunday Night & Still No Flowers!!! So I quickly went to the store & bought my Mom another Gift. Monday morning 10:00am I called Customer Service explained what happened, the lady explained how some of the Florist that they use were Overbooking intentionally and delivering on Monday so they could Reap the Profits, She said soo many people were calling with the same problem yelling at her. she said that I would receive a Refund. Its now May-29th and Still No Refund. I call Every 3 Days, they take all my info, they say someone will call u within 2 Hours, & what do ya know-- Zero Phone calls--Zero Emails! Nothing! Not a Single Attempt on their side... Completely Unprofessional. Please, do urself a Huge Favor & Never use this Florist. Its clear to me now, this company intentionally makes getting a Refund Soo Difficult that most people just give up. If the same has happened to u, call ur Credit card co, or ur Bank, and File a Dispute. This was the 1st & Last time I ever use GOFLORIST.COM. Use any other Florist, but this one.

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