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Gobignetwork is a scam. I signed up for a trial, a one-time fee of $99 of which I presumed was refundable. The site makes big promises, but when you sign up it is very shady on how it helps you find financing for your start-up business. Then you realize there is no easy way to contact for help (phone or email) and it was IMPOSSIBLE to figure out how to cancel! Multiple attempts I finally found the very hidden email you must send information to cancel your trial. Then they tell you it's non-refundable, that you agreed to terms.

I used them for 2 weeks, and could not find ANY helpful information on finding funding for my start-up. No one contacted me either, as they promised to offer various forms of funding. I contacted them for help 3 times and got none.

The only thing they do is take your money and ignore you. I think there are some legitimate deals happening on the site to give the appearance that it works, but then screw the rest of the 90% of the people who sign up.

They take money from and offer no help and no refund.

A very strategic refund policy allows them to stay in business and rip off unsuspecting companies and individuals. Stay away from go big if you really want to grow your company, they are a complete rip off and a huge waste of time.

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  • Ti
      Jun 22, 2009

    I signed up...I should of googled them first but why should something like this be run by shysters? Is there any legitimate business on the [censored]in internet!!

    Am now trying to cancel...the email system is not trying to find this hidden email the above complaint has made us aware of.


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  • Dr
      Aug 03, 2009

    Personally, I take issue with the original posters complaints.

    "could not find ANY helpful information on finding funding for my start-up."
    I've been on the site all of fifteen minutes and I never got the notion that there would be helpful information made available on the site. It looks more like facebook for business startups (fundraising). Searching for information is your job as an entrepreneur. Seek out investors and offer your well put together business plan showing how you will make money and inturn make your investors money. (People invest to get a return, not because they feel like being nice).

    "No one contacted me either"
    No one contacted YOU??? The site is designed for YOU to reach out to OTHERS. Seriously.. if we could all get money waiting for it to come, none of us would have to work! It's an insult to think your complaint stems from the lack of OTHER people reaching out to you so that they can fund YOUR "whatever".. Do your own homework and stop waiting for people to give you a hand. Your failure is your failure, your success is YOUR success.

    "they tell you it's non-refundable, that you agreed to terms"
    Was the fee stated in the terms as non-refundable? Or did you bother to read the fine print at all???
    If you signed up, then it means you agreed with everything the terms state whethere you chose to read it or not. How can you be mad at anyone, but yourself if you chose to ignore that section? In addition to that, I can state with reasonable certainty that you most certainly did NOT read it... In fact, I KNOW YOU DIDN'T READ IT. Just read the second sentence you wrote.

    "I signed up for a trial, a one-time fee of $99 of which I presumed was refundable."
    You "presumed" it was refundable? Well now.. since your presumed it so, then it MUST have been true! How dare they do anything other than what YOU presumed!?

    By the way..
    Presumed = Assumed.
    Lets not get into what ASSuME is supposed to mean.

    That said.. the site is FEATURED on, MSNBC,, RedHerring, The Wall Street Journal Online, Business Week, & CNN You just don't get on to publishings like this unless you're on to something innovative.

    I don't think the website is all that bad although I do question the success rate of reaching investors willing to listen to your business plan and follow suit as it depends on the person's interest in your plan, how well your plan is thought out, and possibly a variety of other factors including an oversaturation of startups (ratio of entrepreneurs to investors).

    However I do think that the expectations of what the site is supposed to do (or HOW it is supposed to do it) is being unfairly marked. I don't mind seeing a complaint on something, but it needs to be legitimate or else it wastes the readers time who wanted to know about the company and instead found people who didn't do their homework.

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  • Ga
      Oct 31, 2009

    I would be more inclined to pay gobig a percentage of the $'s I received from contacts on their network. Then I think they would seem legitimate.

    The business model sucks. I don't want to spend $ to experiment, but I don't mind paying for services.

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  • Sm
      Jan 23, 2010

    Have been trying to cancel with them for 3 months and they won't return calls or emails.

    It's basically stealing. Have had to order a new bank card.

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  • Sm
      Feb 25, 2010

    @smallbusinessowner: Why would you order a new bank card? Why not just dispute the charges with your bank? Plus, you should have just gone in and canceled your service through your profile on the site. That's what I did and it worked fine. Their customer service probably hasn't gotten back to you because it's bombarded with people that don't bother spending two minutes looking on the site for the answer. Instead, you probably send 10 emails and call them twenty times. I used to work in customer service at a call center a while back and had people do this all the time. Don't be an annoying customer. Just solve the problem using the tools on the site.

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  • Ku
      Mar 26, 2010

    I think this company and website is an absolute waste.

    Joined and sent detailed information to about 50 "Angel" and "Venture Capital" investors Never got one response. I do not think the lack of response has anything to do with the proposition, since it matched exactly what most of the investors defined for their interest.

    Most legitimate will at least send some form of reply, but these 50 investors provided even a courtesy response, which is rather strange.

    I imagine the "investors" see something from Go Big Network and just send it to the recycle bin.

    If Go Big Network had something that worked they should provide a number of real references that can be confirmed. Without this, it is just another rip-off.

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  • Sm
      Mar 26, 2010

    I followed the instructions on the site and found my card being charged the next month anyway. I then called customer service (never got a live person btw) just an answering machine and emailed them multiple times. In total, Gobig charged me for three months after I supposedly unsubscribed. I called my bank, Wells Fargo, and they said they couldn't reverse the charges, and could not block future charges unless I canceled my bank card and got a new one.It was a real pain having to get a new one. I have dozens of relationships with online vendors for my business and have never had a problem unsubscribing.

    All your assumptions were thus inaccurate.

    If you're trying to help Go Big out, you're doing more damage than support with your tone. It behooves them to make sure there isn't such a big glitch in their basic billing system, otherwise they'll simply get more complaints.

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  • Ku
      Mar 29, 2010

    This is a total sham.

    I doubt anyone has ever gotten any money from any source listed by Go Big Network.

    Initially subscribed to post a notice about our company and a request for funding for our project. The subscription fee was about $250.

    Got two responses, one of which was from a company that had a terrible reputation (Lauton Funding) and the other from a broker that wanted about $20, 000 in up-front non-refundable fees.

    When I called Go Big Network I was told to stay away from Lauton Funding and Go Big Network indicated they took this source off of the Go Big Network (GBN) site.

    I wanted to try to contact some of the sources supposedly promoting themselves on GBN I was told the fee was about $180, but I could swap my $250 previous payment for the $180 fee to allow me to contact up to 20 "investors" per day.

    Over a period of 3 days, just about 55 "angel investors" and "VC firms" were contacted.

    A perfect record of not one response was recorded over a period of about one week.

    I was a little dismayed until I stumbled on a few sites that reported GBN as being a scam.

    So I too was taken for about $250 - a small price to pay for such a lesson.

    Stay away from this worthless "service".

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  • Da
      Oct 17, 2010

    Thank you everyone since no one here has had luck obtaining funds u all just saved me 250 in cash and another 50 in monthly fees potentially. :) The beauty of the web is if your a scammer you are advertised as one just as easily as your advertised as legitimate business or service provider.

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  • St
      Oct 26, 2010

    Go Big is huge fruad, they do not know how to establish business credit. I had a account opened with them and they did nothing but ruin my companies name. I am not haivng so many problems trying to fix what they have messed up.Do not trust them with your information!! After a couple months with opening my account, I did my research and all they tell you is lies. They do not tell you the correct information at all, and they have no idea what they are doing.They kept telling me to have patience but all along they screwed up my account. They will try to sign you up for a premier builder package but the sales person just tells you so much bs. The sales person Mark Moore, after he got a sale from us he would not return phone calls. After 9 months having an account opened with them I made no progress, so they were going to start me back to begining. I have to close my bank account because I do not trust this company at all, I was scared they might try to take out of my account after cancelling. If you want to build your business credit, please do not trust them. All they will do is waste your money and time.Honestly after going through this company I know more about establishing business credit then them.Do not even waste you time or money of their 149 monthly maintenance because the concierage Wendy Lieb is full of crap. She is suppoesed to keep up with your account but so will not, she has no idea what she is doing. DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY!!!

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  • Re
      Oct 30, 2010

    Interesting comment above as business credit building has only been offered by GoBgig for 5 months now?

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  • My
      Nov 05, 2010

    They cannot be trusted. They say their Investors are accredited but most of them (at least all that replied me) are in scams, trying to request money for "legal fees" before they can be able to "release" the money for the funding.

    It's bad, don't waste money there.

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  • Jl
      Nov 05, 2010

    Stacy, this is the second time I've seen this post and I am surprised yet again. I've searched our business credit building customer files and can't find anyone with your name. Regardless, please contact me so we can remedy the situation immediately. We work with several thousand entrepreneurs and small businesses every month. We in no way are looking to defraud you or anyone for that matter. We honestly care about helping our clients prepare and acquire funding. While we can't actually validate your business idea or communicate with investors directly for you, we can help you with your business credit for unsecured loans and other things like business plans and investor matching. I'm sorry you feel so mistreated by our company. Call me immediately so I can see how to remedy this situation for you or anyone else that is not happy with the service.

    Jonathan Linn, VP of Client Services, Go Big Media
    [protected] x 5745

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  • Ch
      Jan 06, 2011

    Glad I Googled this ... Yes, it is a scam, I was about to sign up.. had my mouse pointer hovering above the charge credit card button, but decided to just type the name in google first..

    what a [censor]in scam!

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  • Da
      Feb 05, 2011

    Jonathan Linn,
    These are very harsh comments for the most part but I also believe there was some good advice as well. You are obviously watching the board as well you should and you need to take some steps to demonstrate these folk did not follow procedures but more importantly the process needs to be made more user friendly.
    The most important advice you received is to show some performance data. I have raised a lot of money over the years and I am more than happy to tell my story about those experiences if the equity or lender asks me to. I was told you had no way to monitor but my question is what effort have you put into monitoring. If you know the success low then you do have something to hide. However, maybe you need to do some research on how many people try to raise money and fail all on their own. If you success rate is higher than that then you are offering a valuable service to start ups.
    I understand these folks are upset and they are having an impact on your business. None of us reading this info know if it is a competitor trying to make you look bad or a disgruntled employee but you need to manage it.
    I started to subscribe myself and have talked with two people from your office but this has made me pause until I can find some verifiable positive news.

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  • Vb
      Feb 11, 2011

    I started to sign up with GoBigNetwork when they offered a "Free Trial", during the sign up it requested a credit card - NO WAY - I do not trust ANY company with my CC for a "Free Trial". I do not see the point of risking ending up on an auto-subscription. If my free trial is up and I haven't added a CC to my account then suspend my account, but there is no way I will blindly trust someone to do the right thing.
    So what happens? I didn't sign up and now I get emails a few times a week with names and company listings of supposed investors that have been "matched" to my needs and encouraging me to sign up to contact them. Seems interesting enough since I am getting these lists for free. I decided to do some research and if the lists were real maybe I would sign up and pay for GoBigNetwork.
    So what happens? Well, every week I search for information on the companys and peoples names in these lists, and I cannot verify that any of them really exist. Many of the companys listed do not have websites. The few companys in the email that did have websites do not appear to be investment companys. (One for example that said in the GoBig email that invested in start ups was just a real estate firm who had when I emailed them told me they had never heard of GoBigNetwork). I cannot verify that any oft the investors or investment companies in GoBigs list are real and the only thing GoBig will say is that I need to pay them for permission to contact the real companies and that the companies in the email are examples and not the real contacts --- in other words, they are sending me lists with false information and they know it.

    Send me a list of investors that I can verify and MAYBE it would be worth paying for, but if all they are willing to share is false information, this is nothing but a scam.

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  • Da
      Feb 21, 2011

    Same with me!

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  • Ti
      Mar 11, 2011

    One of the main goals of TICYN is meaningful results. Along with profitable ideas that can deliver value to both parties; investors & entrepreneurs. Similar companies charge for their services & will not come through as promised. Charging would contradict our sole purpose. Every good idea deserves equal consideration...FREE!

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  • Sa
      Mar 12, 2011

    While I love the idea of, after checking out the site I realized it was missing one thing...investors! WTF!?

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  • Vb
      Mar 24, 2011

    I've been buying Auto Care Super Saver cards every year that they come to my house. I've never had a problem, well that's not quite true.
    I moved and was far away from my previous aamco, I contacted the company that makes the acss card and they offered me to trade in my old card and get a new one for a huge discount.
    I'm sure if you had bothered to contact the company they would have swapped out any bad cards. Service stations come and go, but acss does business with a lot of service stations and could have just given you a card for another shop.
    So yea, I had one minor problem: I moved, and they still found a way to help me.

    By the way you can buy the cards on their website for even cheaper than they offer it door to door, but you have to use promo codes, this is one I found online and I'll be ordering from the website next time instead of waiting for them to show up at my door. Promo code: makvinn1
    Put the code in during checkout

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  • Vb
      Mar 24, 2011

    This website must be broken, I wasn't even on this page but it posted my comment here instead of in the topic where it belongs ^^ my previous comment should have appeared on the acss complaint page, not the go big network page and i cant find a way to move it or delete it...

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  • Sp
      May 09, 2011

    Sends illegal SPAM, deceptive sales emails, has a BBB rating of D-

    I signed-up for the Go Big Network but stopped in my tracks when all of their services required that I pay something between $60 and $400 upfront to get in contact with what Go Big calls quality private investors. I completed a profile but didn't pay for a service which seemed unlikely to work as easily as Go Big would have you believe. A few members contacted me through Go Big, but only to refer me to their own venture capital matching website.

    The next day, I received a generic SPAM email from someone called who is supposed to be the Senior VP of Go Big. The generic email claimed that based on the info I supplied, was personally interested in my company and had investors who were interested in funding my idea. The email asked me to call their 800 toll-free number [protected]) to discuss my opportunities with Go Big.

    I called the number and (not surprisingly) couldn't speak directly. Instead, a salesperson from Go Big tried to convince me to pay them $400 to help build my business credit and meet investors. I asked the man on the phone had actually personally emailed me and had genuine personal interest in my company, or if the email was a generic SPAM message sent from a server and didn't get a straight answer. I asked the salesperson to remove my info from their emailing list because I didn't want more SPAM from the Go Big Network.

    It didn't help - I keep getting SPAM emails from Go Big Network and each week, none of which have opt-out links as required by a Federal law called the CAN SPAM Act. I told another salesperson at Go Big Network that they are sending out SPAM in violation of federal law and that I would report them to the FTC. He seemed genuinely surprised that his company was violating federal law by sending SPAM emails without opt-out links. I forwarded Go Big Network's SPAM email to the FTC and encourage anyone who gets SPAM messages from Go Big Network to forward the SPAM to the FTC: [protected]

    I looked-up the Go Big Network with the US Better Business Bureau and found out they have a D- (D minus - one step above F) rating with the BBB. Because of all of this, I will not be giving any of my money to The Go Big Network. They are a rip-off, an illegal SPAMMER and regularly take money from people while providing little to no help with business funding. They imply getting investors is much easier than it actually is so Go Big can squeeze more monthly fees out of the small businesses who actually believe their deceptive practices.

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  • An
      May 24, 2011

    Just enrolled in 4 days ago. I paid the $249 and posted my request. It doesn't tell you that this is all the $249 gets you. I can't even send out emails to other members. I was informed that the "executive" package didn't cover that service, and I would need to pay an additional $150 for that privilege!? After reading all of these posts, I decided to ask for a refund. To my great relief, they told me that I would be refunded my money.
    Nevertheless, I will not be doing business with gobignetwork again.

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  • Le
      Apr 11, 2012

    these alleged investors are affiliated with big corporations. All venture capitalists are affilated with the likes of boeing, microsoft, etc., etc. Its a scam. I tried marketing my hot original novels, a very low investment with huge returns (all I needed was a website) whereof said novels story publishes some very revolutionary inventions. I placed my inventions within the novel's theme as a means to raise capital so i could afford patents and open my own business. patent realm is unconstitutional. When was the last time you heard of some freelance inventor marketing some major invention such as a car engine that saves gas? There are lots of freelance inventors who have invented major inventions and yet no one but no one gets these creations to market unless your one of the privelege such as boeing, micrsoft etc.

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  • Mi
      Jun 14, 2012

    I have only been a member for a few days and I have already gotten three responses. One never responded back which is not unreasonable in my opinion.It is very possible this individual was just not interested. I have been in the funding process for nearly a year. Some people are interested, some are not. There is no guarantee that people will jump, even at the best most well thought out ideas. We have a pharmaceutical line, it is not for everyone. I have not gotten upset with a single individual or group who passed on my project. I have been in sales all my do not concern yourself with those who say learn from the no's and move forward to the yes answers.

    I now have several people who have invested and joined our team. WE have substantial traction now and are ready to go to market.
    The Go-Big site has a load of useful information I have used to build my case to investors. I am now interacting with two very viable sources. We are not looking for cash only. We are looking for true partners. People with industry experience and cash as my team and I have cash supported our business ourselves. If you do not have any financial resources of your own invested don't expect other to risk on your project themselves.
    Many people have great ideas. Investors in my experience are looking for bright proven people with well planned ideas. Many have earned their money by risking and breaking their butts to achieve something. Why on earth should those in need look to those who have accomplished with blood sweat and tears to pay their way? Plain foolishness.
    My best guess is...if no one got in contact with you and you didn't contact others providing a well thought out plan and supportive documentation to show you know what the heck you are doing - then no wonder you you would have failed in business and lost the investors hard won capital.
    My answer is go home boys and are playing in the wrong league! This game is for people with the guts and work ethic and thick enough skin to make it big in life or crash and burn like warriors trying. Get a job and leave the heavy lifting to those with the wherewithal to weather the storms. Running your own show is for only a tiny bit of the ain't for everyone!
    As far as the recurring billing...well GoBig should get their act straight there for sure. If they keep pulling my funds I will just drop the card I used. I was prepared and got a card I only use for this site so it wont hurt me...its called planning folks...clearly something most of you do not do...and thats my best guess why you did not get funded.
    As far as I am concerned, this site has been one of the most useful tools I have used.
    I am very pleased with what I got out of it so far. If the people I am working with from the site be it! I learned a great deal from the interaction.
    Please feel free to send me your hate mail for my comments...I will enjoy the entertaining break to my regular 18+ hour work day...


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