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Gobal Info Service / Scam and rip off!

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'I'm here to put light on some of the issues on Global Info service, I found 2 reports indicating that is a scam, fraud or cheating people...', quoted from report posted by an individual who disagreed to report #286706. 2 reports? Really? Just a simple search you would have found much more scam reports.

The website looks very professionals. On the right side, They list several sites that they claim scam sites and they post lists of members who received payment every month. You can't be wrong with this one, right? Wrong!!! I signed up on Dec 2007 for online typing job. According to the terms and conditions, they will send report every 15 days and 30 days so members can crosscheck. From there, members will know whether they will receive payment and continue to work. There is a quota to be met. Well, I didn't receive any report.

After two weeks doing the job (typing the content of image file in a typing box), I noticed that there were too many typo. If the image files were scanned from books, magazines or published matters; they wouldn't have so many errors. According to the rule, the submitted assignments are final and will be blocked from viewing. But I often receive the same assignments over and over again. In fact, I informed them and I got no reply.

Since I was still able to continue doing the job in February, I assumed that my last month's work was accepted. In the mid of February 2008, I couldn't log in. I raised this problem via live Help a couple of times, their staff kept telling me ' I'll checked it out.' I posted the problem through form submission and I sent emails. They never reply. I call them everyday. What the answer I got? I'll check it out, I'll email you by today, I'll email you within one hour, I'll email you within 2 to 3 hours. Well, I never receive any email from them - not a single one.

According to the rule, new members will get paid between 45 and 55 days from activation date. It is more than 55 days now. When I called them about payment, the operator promised me that I would received the payment on the same day. I called back again the next day. The operator replied that the payment was on the way and he would send me an email about the payment status. Have I received the payment? You know the answer.

If I were not eligible to receive payment for last month's work, why was I still able to do the job till the mid of February? My account should have been terminated in the earliest of February. Why didn't they give any reasons? Why did they keep giving vague answers? If I stayed in Ahmedabad, I would definitely come to their office (if there is) and claim my payment.

Please tell me if this is not a scam, I don't know what it is.

Recently, I notice their ads are all over the place promoting their services. Be very careful, jobseeker. You might not get paid for your work. Beware with this, too. They are run by the same owner.

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  • Fl
      1st of Mar, 2008
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    More options Dec 26 2007, 3:12 am
    From: ziaulhaque
    Date: Tue, 25 Dec 2007 11:12:41 -0800 (PST)
    Local: Wed, Dec 26 2007 3:12 am
    Subject: Adsense Stopped Serving Ads on my site.
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    hi everyone,
    My website name is a very popular website and
    running google ads from last 6 months and getting regular payouts. I'm
    having good page impressions and clicks which is giving me daily
    atleast $90.
    However, on 12th of dec 2007, i received one email from google as
    shown below:

    url =

    I wish I never worked with this site. I will know for sure if this is a fake. I have completed more than 700 assignments and i'm expecting payments this March 15. But apparently, based on others reports and posts: this site is a scam. ziaulhaque even violated adsense TOS. A legitimate company never violates any TOS.

  • Al
      7th of Jul, 2008
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  • Li
      30th of Jul, 2008
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    Thank you very much for the information you've provided. I've learned throughout the many years I've utilized the Internet that you cannot trust everything you see. The site does seem legitimate and very alluring, which gives it all the more reason to investigate. The Internet users, be aware that "perfect = malicious".

  • Jo
      10th of Nov, 2008
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    i agree, that is also what happened to me, i just paid 105 usd as payment for the so called job order but in the end there was no payment nor reply from them ...

    so i ddicided to complain and link thier site as a scam... i was posting thier sites for two months ... and i recieved the full amont they promissed as nothing...

    please help us link this site

    /URL removed/?q1=ALL&q4=&q6=&q3=&q2=&q7=&searchtype=0&submit2=Search!&


    eric calamohoy

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