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We have been approached by a young man named Luke Johnson who is a Business Development Manager at Go-Rise.Com. This is the latest in a very long line of companies who use bully boy tactics to extract money from the small business man for get his company listed onto Google Maps. We have in the past invested in this type of advertising, however, we have also been stung as well. My secretaries conversation with this young man took a turn for the worst when he was tackled by her in a very professional manner, which he obviously disliked. On no occasion was she rude to him but he felt he could not beat her. Instead he stated to her after she told him that we had been here for the past 30 years, and I quote, " I guarantee you will not be around for the next thirty years as I will make sure that your are no where to be found on Google when people search for you" Now I do not take kindly to threats and this is a threat. I really do believe that something should be done about these companies

Jun 19, 2015

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