Go Get 'M / Unfair dealings

1 Aruba

My husband met a charter boat around 10:00 am when it came back from a fishing trip - as he'd been told to do earlier in the week when he asked about buying fresh fish - and gave one of the charter's customers $20 for half of a large (45-55 lb) dolphin. As the captain cleaned the fish, the customer and my husband told the captain of their arrangement - the customer was told it was his fish and he could do what he wanted with it. The captain told my husband rather rudely that he'd deal with him later and gave the customer the half he wanted and the customer left. My husband waited a while as the captain finished cleaning the fish and asked him if he was going to honor the arrangement they'd made and he said "you made the deal with the wrong person" but that he'd give him a MUCH smaller fish. Of course, he'd waited for the customer to leave before he said this. My husband refused the offer, and had to go find the customer and ask for his money back. As they were standing on the beach talking about this rotten captain, they saw the other half of the large dolphin go by on a cart to the market - the captain was selling the fish for profit himself. This was not his fish as it was the customer's and he had sold it to my husband. We want to make a formal complaint against this man.

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